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D. J. Coffman
Born (1976-01-17)January 17, 1976
Nationality American
Area(s) Cartoonist, Writer
Notable works
Hero by Night

D. J. Coffman (born January 17, 1976) is an American cartoonist. He is best known as the creator of the Hero by Night comic book series and the webcomic Yirmumah. Coffman also has done work on the Monkey Man comic series with writer Brian Lynch that included a webcomic on Kevin Smith's MoviePoopShoot.com.[1]



Author(s) D. J. Coffman
Bob McDeavitt
Website http://yirmumah.net
Current status / schedule Updating every Weekday
Launch date October 5, 2003 [1]
Genre(s) Pop Culture, Comedy

Yirmumah is a daily webcomic written and drawn by Coffman, and sometimes written by collaborator Bob McDeavitt. Yirmumah is part of the webcomics collective Keenspot.[2] It has been published as a minicomic[3] and as a color comic book series.[4] Yirmumah was also a regular feature in the 2005 relaunch of Cracked magazine and Cracked Magazine.com.

In 2006, Coffman switched Yirmumah back to an autobiographical comic called ORIGIN [5] which features the story of how his father and mother met.

The Comic Book Challenge/Hero by Night[edit]

In July 2006 Coffman and his project Hero by Night won the first annual Comic Book Challenge contest, held by comics publisher Platinum Studios and NBC.

Hero by Night
Author(s) D. J. Coffman
Website http://herobynight.com
Current status / schedule updating daily
Launch date October 3, 2006 [2]
Genre(s) Super Hero, Adventure

Hero by Night tells the adventures of a Jack King, who discovers an older superhero's hidden lair and his gear. After debating selling the hero's stuff on eBay and attracting the hero's enemies' attention, King decides to instead use the gear to become the modern incarnation of the hero.[6]

Coffman was later a judge for the 2007 Comic Book Challenge.[7]

In December 2007, Hero By Night launched as an ongoing comic book series. After publishing three issues, Platinum suspended its comic publishing line due to financial issues. All creators on the Hero By Night book were eventually paid in full.[8]

The Hollywood Reporter announced in October 2008 that there were plans to adapt Hero By Night into a live-action television series.[9]

In late December 2011, Coffman announced that he had regained the rights to Hero by Night from Platinum and that he would be reinitiating the series, which would then be published daily at Keenspot.com[10] In April 2012 Hero By Night became a member of the international superhero webcomic collective Collective of Heroes. [11]


On June 9, 2008, Coffman teamed with the Denver-based hip-hop/rock band Flobots to produce an original webcomic that features stories based on real life accounts of their fans meant to inspire social change. The webcomic is currently published at Flobots.net [12]


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