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Dakshina Pathapalayam, also known as D.P Palayam, is a village located in Gudiyattam Taluk, Vellore district, Tamil Nadu, India. It is located approximately 1 km from the border with Andhra Pradesh and 4 km from Paradarami is a small village and it has about 50 villages surrounding it.

The village is between Gudiyattam to Chittoor State HighWay 88. It is 22 kilometers from Gudiyattam and 24 kilometers from Chittoor. From Paradarami one can reach D.P Palayam by Tamil Nadu Road State Transport Corporation town service buses Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation and Kalaimagal Transport private bus, and also number of Share Auto services frequently available for the public transportation.

D.P Palayam
Dakshina Patha Palayam
Country  India
State Tamil Nadu
District Vellore
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Vehicle registration TN-23 BQ
Coastline 140 kilometres (87 mi)

D P Palayam is a village Panchayat of Gudiyattam Taluk in the Vellore District. The D P Palayam panchayat comprises Arigavaripalli, Agravaram, Dasarapalli, Gangapuram, Thanneerpandhal. The six lane national highway NH7 is about 25 km from D P Palayam. The proposed four lane highway NH4 is about 25 km from D P Palayam. The nearest school is Government Higher Secondary School for Boys and Girls located in Paradarami. The nearest Government Hospital is located in Paradarami and Gudiyattam.

The State Highway, which is about 41 km stretch from Gudiyattam to Chittoor, plays a major role in heavy vehicle goods transportation. A vast number of goods carrying vehicles pass along this highway.


Official language is Tamil.

More about D P Palayam[edit]

Temple Darmakartha Padhmanabaiah Naidu
Taluk Gudiyattam
Languages TAMIL(தமிழ்)
Railway Katpadi junction 30 km
Airport Chennai Airport 175 km

The village is that it is surrounded by hills all the sides and it has an old temple which is renewed and rebuilt recently. Veera Vijaya Anjaneya Swamy temple Hanuman. Every month people in and around the village visit this temple and celebrate the full moon day and perform poojas and abhishekas to the Veera Vijaya Anjaneya swamy.

D P Palayam has a short route from paradarami to join The National High Way NH4 via D K Cheruvu and Bangaru Palayam.

Veera Vijaya Anjaneya Temple[edit]

Veera Vijaya Anjaneya Swamy

Veera Vijaya Anjaneya Swamy temple was one of the oldest temple which roots from 1900. The monument was carved on stone near a small hill nearby the village, The people in and around the village use to visit the temple once in a year during Karthika Deepam to perform poojas and abhisheka to the lord hanumanji. Then the people of D P Palayam decided to renovate the temple, the renovation then, lead to build a new temple for hanumanji and that took over 9 –10 years. Gaddam Padmanabha Naidu who supervised the work was later elected as the President/Dharmakartha for this temple. However, he dedicated most of his life for lord Hanumanji and his dedication paid him back with the new temple. His effort for the construction of this temple is invaluable.

On July 1, 2011 Chaitra Purnima the Kumbhaabhishekam for this temple is performed. Thousands of devotees and Swami Kanchi Jayendra Saraswathi from Kanchipuram and Durga Prasad Swamiji from Vijayawada or Bejawada joined this auspicious function and made it as a Grand success.

Now the temple is known by each and every remote corner of the locale. Venugopal Naidu has taken the responsibility to create this article and promote the temple and we request people to visit our temple and get the blessings of Hanumanji.

Devotess can also take up a Vrata deeksha called Anjaneya malaadhaarana for a period of 40 days and perform the rituals at the end either at Hanuman Temple in the village or at Vijaywada. Every full moon day and on Hanuman Jayanti people celebrate the occasion in a very auspicious manner, people from many other villages, towns and cities visit the temple in a large number every month.



The Major occupation is Agriculture, Sugarcane, paddy and other vegetables are cultivated here and transported to the nearby Markets called Ulavar Santhai in Tamil in Gudiyattam [1]

Cattle and Milk production is also one of the vital sources of this village.


Dakshinapatha palayam belongs to Gudiyattam Taluk and now it has been included in K.V Kuppam assembly constituency and also it is a part of Vellore Lok Sabha constituency. Kamarajar was elected as a Member of Legislative Assembly from the Gudiyatham constituency when he was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.


Assembly Segments[edit]

Vellore constituency as laid out by 1971 Delimitation. The boundaries for this constituency lasted until 2004 election, which was then replaced by 2008 Delimitation.

Vellore changed 1.1.09 (Arni Lok sabha) Lok Sabha constituency was composed of the following assembly segments:[3]

  1. Katpadi
  2. Gudiyatham
  3. Pernambut (SC)
  4. Anaicut
  5. Vellore
  6. Arni

After delimitation, it is currently composed of

  1. Vellore
  2. Anaicut
  3. Kilvazhithunaiankuppam (SC)
  4. Gudiyatham
  5. Vaniyambadi
  6. Ambur[4]


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