D. B. S. Jeyaraj

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David Jeyaraj
Born David Buell Jeyaraj
(1954-05-21) May 21, 1954 (age 60)
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Sri Lankan Tamil
Occupation Journalist
Religion Christian

David Buell Sabapathy Jeyaraj (born: May 21, 1954) is a freelance Canadian journalist.


Jeyaraj is an ethnic Tamil Christian, a native of Uddupiddy, Nothern province Sri Lanka. He began his career as a cub-reporter of Virakesari Tamil weekly. Subsequently, he contributed news reports and commentaries to the Colombo-based English dailies. Later, Jeyaraj became a reporter of Chennai-based Hindu publications - The Hindu, and Frontline magazine. He also has published in the Sunday Leader, The Nation, The Bottom Line and The Daily Mirror.

Career in journalism[edit]

He has appeared on both the BBC and CBC to discuss politics in Sri Lanka and among the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora. He now lives in Toronto, Canada.[citation needed]

Neutral observer[edit]

Jeyaraj's journalism is critical of both sides in the Sri Lanka civil war; the government and the LTTE. For this, he has been the target of death threats and beatings from hard-core LTTE supporters.[1]

Currently, Jeyaraj reports regularly for the independent Daily Mirror newspaper and publishes on a number of news sites including dbsjeyaraj.com, Transcurrents.com and Uthayam.net.[citation needed]


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