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D. C. Lau (Chinese: 劉殿爵; pinyin: Liú Diànjué; Cantonese Yale: Lau Din Cheuk) (March 6, 1921-April 26, 2010, born and died in Hong Kong) was a prominent sinologist and author of the widely read translations of Tao Te Ching, Mencius and The Analects and contributed to the Proper Cantonese pronunciation movement.[1]

D. C. Lau studied Chinese under Prof. Xu Dishan at the University of Hong Kong, but fled to Mainland China in 1941 just before the Japanese occupied Hong Kong. In 1946, he was offered one of the first scholarships for a British university and studied Western philosophy in Glasgow University (1946–49).[2] In 1950, Lau would take up a post at London University's School of Oriental and African Studies, developing SOAS into a world-renown center for the study of Chinese philosophy.


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