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Dap or DAP may refer to:



  • DAP (software), a statistical analysis program
  • Digital Archive Project, online collaboration that provides advice and support for individuals interested publishing television programs that are not produced or distributed through mainstream content distribution.
  • Digital audio player, a electronic device that supports the playback of stored digital audio
  • Directory Access Protocol, an implementation of the OSI model application layer
  • Distributed Array Processor, the first commercial massively parallel computer (ICL/Active Memory Technology/Cambridge Parallel Processors)
  • Domain Application Protocol (software, REST), specify the legal interactions between a consumer and a set of resources involved in a business process
  • Download Accelerator Plus, an application created to enhance the speed of file downloads

Early education[edit]






  • Dap or Dapwell, an American rapper


  • Dap greeting, a form of greeting in which two people slap and grasp hands briefly; also called a 'fist bump'
  • Delivered at Place, one of the rules defined by Incoterms 2010 for general modes of transportation
  • Daps or plimsoll shoe
  • Dapping or sinking, a metalworking technique
  • Direct-Action Penetrator, an armed version of the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter
  • DAP Racing or Dumb-Ass Partners, owners of California Chrome