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A DASH Gillig Phantom at King Street – Old Town station
Slogan Take DASH if you're in a hurry
Parent City of Alexandria
Founded 1984
Headquarters 3000 Business Center Drive, Alexandria, VA
Service area Alexandria, Virginia
Service type Bus service
Alliance WMATA
Routes 9
Fleet 63 buses
Daily ridership About 14,000 per weekday
Fuel type Diesel, Diesel-electric Hybrid
Operator Alexandria Transit Company
Website dashbus.com
DASH sign on a lamppost on Duke St.

Driving Alexandrians Safely Home (DASH) is the public bus system for the city of Alexandria, Virginia, operated by the Alexandria Transit Company, a non-profit organization wholly owned by the city.


DASH was founded in 1984 with a fleet of 17 buses by the City of Alexandria to supplement Metrobus service within the city. In its first year of operation, DASH carried less than one million passengers. Today, DASH carries over 4 million passengers a year and has a fleet of 79 buses.


DASH carries roughly 14,000 passengers per weekday within the City of Alexandria, Virginia. The AT8 route, which runs through the Duke Street corridor, is DASH's busiest route with about 3,000 rides per weekday. In 2011, DASH ordered three new 40' Gillig Low Floor diesel-electric hybrid buses, which are 5' longer than the rest of the DASH fleet. These buses went into service in April 2012. Five additional 40' Gillig Low Floor diesel-electric hybrid buses went into service in March 2013. The new 40' buses are used on the AT8 route to reduce crowding.


DASH's current base fare is $1.60 for riders paying cash or SmarTrip. In 2007, DASH converted its buses to allow the use of the WMATA SmarTrip, an electronic debit farecard. DASH continued to accept and issue paper transfers until they were eliminated altogether January 1, 2013.


The DASH bus fleet roster (current as of October 2013) consists of the following (Note: all of these buses are 35' in length unless otherwise noted):

  • 1996 Gillig Phantom (34-43) - most units retired (Note: 34-37 are now painted in the new scheme)
  • 1999 Gillig Phantom (44-58) - most units retired as of September 30, 2013
  • 1999 Orion V (59-68)
  • 2001 Orion V (69-76)
  • 2004 Orion V (77-90)
  • 2007 Gillig Phantom (100-103)
  • 2008 Orion V (91-99) - Replaced some of the 1996 Gillig Phantoms
  • 2011-2012 Gillig Low Floor hybrid (200-206)
  • 2012 Gillig Low Floor 40' hybrid (300-302)
  • 2011-2012 Gillig Low Floor 29' trolley replica hybrid (400-404)
  • 2013 Gillig Low Floor hybrid (207-211)
  • 2013 Gillig Low Floor 40' hybrid (303-307)

All buses are now equipped with bike racks.


Below is a list of DASH bus routes:

  • AT1 - Van Dorn Metro/Eisenhower Avenue Metro/Seminary Plaza
  • AT2 - Lincolnia/Braddock Road Metro via Old Town
  • AT2X - Express service: King Street Metro to Mark Center
  • AT3 - Park Fairfax/Pentagon Metro to Hunting Towers
  • AT4 - Park Fairfax/Pentagon Metro to Old Town
  • AT5 - Landmark/Van Dorn Street Metro/Braddock Road Metro to Old Town
  • AT6 - Northern Virginia Community College to King Street Metro
  • AT7 - Van Dorn Street Metro/Landmark to Lee Center via Old Town
  • AT8 - Landmark/Van Dorn Street Metro to Old Town
  • AT10 - Potomac Yard to King Street Metro

All DASH routes run in both directions. The 2X is an express service, which has no intermediate stops between King Street Metro and the Mark Center Station transit center. The AT3 and AT4 only run at peak weekday hours; midday, evenings, and weekends, a combined AT3/4 loop provides service along most of both routes within Alexandria, but not to Pentagon Metro.

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