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DB, dB, or db may refer to:

In science and technology:

  • Decibel (dB), a logarithmic unit of measurement in acoustics and electronics
  • Dubnium (Db), a chemical element
  • DB connector, a size of D-subminiature electrical connector
  • Database (DB), the foundation of/for an organized collection of data
    • Berkeley DB, a cross-platform embedded database library
    • .db, a database file extension

In entertainment:

In locations:

In business:

In transportation:

  • DB Draw, a bridge over the Passaic River, USA
  • DB (car), a French automobile maker
  • Deutsche Bundesbahn, the national railway company of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1949 until 1994
  • Deutsche Bahn, the major German railway company since 1994
  • David Brown (entrepreneur), one-time owner of car manufacturer Aston Martin, several of whose products carried his initials
  • Dublin Bus, the principal bus operator in the Geater Dublin Area of Ireland

In other uses:

  • ȸ, the db-digraph a ligature of "d" and "b" in African linguistics
  • Defensive back, a position in American football and Canadian football
  • dyne:bolic GNU/Linux, a distribution of the Linux operating system
  • D. B. Cooper, a hijacker

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