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dBridge is a drum and bass producer whose career has stretched from the early days of the genre's conception back in the early 1990s.[1] His real name is Darren White.[2]

dBridge was one member of the super-group Bad Company during the late 90s and early 00s.[3] Before that time, he was part of the duo Future Forces Inc., a project made with fellow DJ Maldini, with releases on the first Renegade Hardware records. Later, they would join Fresh and Vegas to form Bad Company.

During his time with Bad Company, he helped carve out a dominating sound in the drum and bass scene, releasing tunes such as Planet Dust, Nitrous, and The Nine. dBridge has been booked from nights for various labels in the scene, such as Swerve, Ram Records, Shogun Audio, and Renegade Hardware.[1]

dBridge owns his own record imprint, Exit Records. In 2011 released a compilation called Mosaic Vol 1.[4]

Other projects of his include collaborations with producers Instra:mental (see autonomic podcasts), Fierce, Break, Survival, Calibre, and Skream. dBridge has recently starting creating 130 bpm beats under the alias 'Velvit'.

Dbridge's EP Move Way was released in August 2013.

Musical influences[edit]

dBridge takes different influences for each track he makes. He begins producing by creating the drum beats first, and then takes inspiration from the beats to decide where the instrumentation will go from there. His music is also influenced by the way he is feeling at time of composition and he loves hearing imperfections in music.[5]


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