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Free Dish
Industry Satellite television service
Founded 16 December 2004
Area served
Owner Prasar Bharati,
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Website ddindia.gov.in

DD Free Dish is an Indian free-to-air digital direct-broadcast satellite television service owned and operated by the state-controlled public service broadcaster Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan). It is the only free-to-air satellite television service in India. INSAT-4B satellite is used to broadcast 64 FTA MPEG-2 Channels and 24 MPEG-4 test channels in Ku-Band. DD Free Dish added new logo on its 3 transponders from October 29, 2014.[1]

Setup Parameters[edit]

Format LNB Frequency (MHz) Transmission Frequency (MHz) Symbol Rate (Ksps) Polarity 22K
MPEG2 9750 10990 28500 V Off
MPEG2 9750 11070 28500 V Off
MPEG2 9750 11150 28500 V Off
MPEG2 9750 11570 28500 V Off
MPEG4 9750 11110 30000 H Off
MPEG4 9750 11490 30000 H Off

Satellite finder can be helpful to adjust dish position accurately.

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