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dDamage are a French hip hop and electronic music duo. The group currently consists of two brothers, Jean-Baptiste and Frédéric Hanak.

They feature numerous artists on their albums, such as French rappers La Caution, James Delleck, TTC or Americans (Existereo, Crunc Tesla, Bigg jus, MF DOOM, Mike Ladd, Dose One,...).

On the last album Aeroplanes, they also worked with Tim Simenon from Bomb the Bass, the Serbian rapper Sin or Krazy Baldhead.



  • 2000: Reverbreak This Beat Down
  • 2001: Harsch Reality Of Daily Life
  • 2003: The Missing Link
  • 2004: Radio Ape
  • 2004: Pressure EP
  • 2006: Ink 808
  • 2006: Shimmy Shimmy Blade
  • 2007: Shimmy Shimmy Blade Instrumentals
  • 2008: 100% Hate EP
  • 2010: Aeroplanes