DFCU House

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DFCU House
General information
Type Commercial
Location 26 Kyaddondo Road
Kampala, Uganda
Coordinates 0°19′36″N 32°34′56″E / 0.326668°N 32.582223°E / 0.326668; 32.582223Coordinates: 0°19′36″N 32°34′56″E / 0.326668°N 32.582223°E / 0.326668; 32.582223
Construction started September 2011
Completed December 2013
Technical details
Floor count 10
Design and construction
Architect Symbion International

DFCU House is a building in Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the largest city in that country.


The skyscraper is located at 26 Kyaddondo Road, at the corner with Kafu Road, on Nakasero Hill, an upsclale neighborhood in the central business district of Kampala (2011 est. pop.1,659,600). The coordinates of DFCU House are:0°19'36.0"N, 32°34'56.0"E (Latitude:0.326668; Longitude:32.582223).[1]


The building will house the headquarters of DFCU Group and the main branch of DFCU Bank. As of December 2013, DFCU Bank was the sixth-largest commercial bank in Uganda, by assets at about US$474.4 million (UGX:1,197 billion).[2] The ten story complex will have an executive banking hall, a day care center, a fitness lounge, a cocktail terrace and a cafeteria. The bottom two floors will provide underground parking and storage space.


DFCU Group, the parent company of DFCU Bank, has its headquarters offices scattered in several buildings in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. In September 2011, construction began on a ten-story office complex on Nakasero Hill, which will serve as the group's headquarters and house the main branch of the bank. Roko Construction Limited, a Ugandan construction company was contracted to construct the building at an estimated cost of approximately US$12 million (UGX:30 billion). Construction began in September 2011, with completion expected during the second half of 2013.[3] As of June 2014, the construction is now complete and occupancy is expected to take place in July 2014.[4]

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