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Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1989-0805-025, Supercup SG Dynamo Dresden - BFC Dynamo 1-4.jpg
Berliner FC Dynamo celebrate winning the DFV-Supercup in 1989.
Founded 1989
Region  East Germany
Number of teams 2
Most successful club(s) Berliner FC Dynamo (1)

The DFV-Supercup was the Super cup of East German football, played between the winners of the DDR-Oberliga and the FDGB Pokal. It was originally planned to start in 1988, but was postponed as Berliner FC Dynamo had won both competitions. An edition was played in 1989, with cup-winners Dynamo Berlin beating Dynamo Dresden 4–1. The competition was not played in 1990 with German reunification underway, and a pan-German Deutschland Cup was played instead. In 1991, the winners of the last East German titles, Hansa Rostock, along with cup finalists Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt, entered the DFB-Supercup.

1989 edition[edit]

August 5, 1989
Berliner FC Dynamo 4 – 1 Dynamo Dresden
Schulz Goal 31'
Doll Goal 62'75'
Ernst Goal 84'
Sammer Goal 87'
Stadion der Freundschaft, Cottbus
Attendance: 22,000
BFC Dynamo
Dynamo Dresden
GK East Germany Bodo Rudwaleit
DF East Germany Waldemar Ksienzyk
DF East Germany Burkhard Reich
DF East Germany Hendrik Herzog
MF East Germany Bernd Schulz
MF East Germany Marco Köller
MF East Germany Jörg Fügner Substituted off 77'
MF East Germany Heiko Bonan Substituted off 77'
MF East Germany Thomas Doll
FW East Germany Rainer Ernst
FW East Germany Andreas Thom
DF East Germany Jörn Lenz Substituted in 77'
MF East Germany Jörg Buder Substituted in 77'
East Germany Helmut Jäschke
GK East Germany Ronny Teuber
SW East Germany Frank Lieberam
DF East Germany Uwe Kirchner
DF East Germany Andreas Trautmann Substituted off 46'
DF East Germany Detlef Schößler
MF East Germany Jörg Stübner
MF East Germany Hans-Uwe Pilz
MF East Germany Matthias Sammer
MF East Germany Matthias Döschner
FW East Germany Ulf Kirsten
FW East Germany Torsten Gütschow Substituted off 56'
MF East Germany Ralf Hauptmann Substituted in 46'
MF East Germany Uwe Jähnig Substituted in 56'
East Germany Eduard Geyer

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