DFW Chinatown, Richardson

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DFW Chinatown
Retail district
Coordinates: 32°57′56″N 96°42′57″W / 32.96556°N 96.71583°W / 32.96556; -96.71583
Country  United States
State Texas
County Dallas County
City Richardson, Texas
ZIP Code 75081
Area code(s) Area code 214

The U.S.city of Richardson, Texas is home to a Chinatown retail district that consist of an Asian-themed shopping center called "DFW Chinatown" (Chinese: 达拉斯唐人街; pinyin: dá lā sī táng rén jiē) around 400 N. Greenville Avenue.[1] Bonnie Tsui references this retail district as a phenomenon called the "commercial Chinatown" which is "... happening all over America."[2] The Huffington Post specifically compares DFW Chinatown with Las Vegas and Atlanta as "... non-tourist 'Chinatowns' that developed in the late 20th century, which might not be much more than a commercial area that started out as a Chinese shopping center and surrounding businesses [in places] such as in Richardson (Dallas), Texas."[3]

History of Chinese in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex[edit]

The Chinese people have been in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex since at least 1869, but have never congregated into a Chinatown, as in other cities in Texas such as El Paso, San Antonio, and Houston. Dallas proper itself has no notable districts with significant concentrations of Chinese people or businesses. According to historical documents, the original Dallas Chinese population started with laundromats and slowly migrated to the restaurant industry between the years of 1875 to 1940.[4] Though Dallas was home to many Chinese, the Chinese in Dallas did not congregate into a "Chinatown". Many of the original Chinese population were originally employed as strike breakers for the Houston and Texas Central Railway, with as many as 250 Chinese employees.[5]

Chinese Demographics in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex[edit]

While Richardson is mentioned as one of the "Chinatowns", the Chinese population of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is generally dispersed with the Asian Trade District in Dallas proper, Plano, and Arlington also containing pockets of Chinese population.[6] According to a recent population estimate, Plano has the largest percentage in the area in the big city category, at 5.2%, and is ranked 6th with 13,592 Chinese Americans. Richardson, Texas itself is ranked 13th in the medium city category with 3,274 Chinese Americans.


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