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DFX2 was a San Diego, California based band in the 1980s. Led by twin brothers Douglas Farage (vocals and rhythm guitar) and David Farage (lead guitar and vocals), the band's name was derived from their initials: D.F. times two (x 2). The band's other members were Frank Hailey (drums) and Eric Gotthelf (bass) (who replaced Matthew Pray after the release of their first EP, "Where Are They Now"). Though marketed as a new wave band, DFX2 was heavily influenced by the sound of the Rolling Stones.

DFX2 released two EPs, and their songs "Emotion" and "Maureen" were minor hits, and the videos for the songs received extensive airplay on MTV. The band officially broke up in 1989.

Since then, the Farage brothers have continued to work with the Beat Farmers, Mojo Nixon, and other performers.



"I'll rock and roll 'til I fall down," shouts Douglas Farage in his best Jaggeresque drawl, and darn if you don't believe every word.

—Roy Trakin, Creem, November 1983