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Dink may refer to:


  • Dink Meeker, a character in the Ender's Game series of books by Orson Scott Card


  • Dink (James Bond), a woman in the James Bond film Goldfinger
  • Dinks, group of munchkin-like characters in red robes in the 1987 movie Spaceballs


  • Dink (band), an American industrial rock band
  • Rinky Dink, a 1962 instrumental hit by Dave "Baby" Cortez


  • Dink, the Little Dinosaur, a children's animated series broadcast in the United States in the 1980s
  • Winky Dink and You, a CBS television children's show that aired from 1953 to 1957, on Saturday mornings at 10:30 a.m./9:30 central hosted by Jack Barry
  • Mr. Dink, a character on the Nickelodeon television series Doug

Computer (games)[edit]

  • Dink Smallwood, the name of a PC RPG made in 1997 and is also the name of the main character


  • Dink O'Brien (1894–1971), professional baseball player with the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Dink Johnson (1892–1954), dixieland jazz pianist, clarinetist, and drummer
  • Dink Widenhouse (born 1932), retired NASCAR Grand National Series (now Sprint Cup Series) driver
  • Arat Dink (born 1979), Turkish journalist
  • Hrant Dink (1954–2007), Turkish-Armenian editor and journalist
  • Claude Giroux (wrestler) (born 1956), midget wrestler who used the ring name Dink



  • In volleyball: tapping the ball just barely over the net after faking a spike
  • In tennis: a soft drop shot
  • In soccer: chip the ball lightly

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