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DJ /rupture
Birth name Jace Clayton
Origin Boston
Genres Breakcore
Instruments Turntables
Years active Late 1990s–present
Labels Tigerbeat6
Soot Records
Associated acts Nettle
Website Mudd Up!

DJ /rupture is the pseudonym of Jace Clayton, a New York-based American DJ and producer. He used to play in the drum and bass collective Toneburst, and DJ'ed in Boston during the late 1990s. His standard setup, used to mix Gold Teeth Thief among other works, involves three turntables, on which he creates complicated mixes—such as one with a cappella vocals, the second with breakbeats, and the third with ambient effects.

DJ /rupture's first big break came in 2001 with Gold Teeth Thief, a mix which combines hip hop, ragga, breakcore, jungle, noise, modern classical and music from around the globe. His second mixtape Minesweeper Suite was an even greater success, with the UK music magazine The Wire calling it one of the 10 best records of 2002. A year later, /rupture produced Special Gunpowder, his most critically acclaimed album to date. He has appeared on John Peel's BBC radio show twice, in addition to playing on The Breezeblock. /rupture is also part of the musical group Nettle and runs his own label, Soot Records. In 2008, he co-founded a new label with Matt Shadetek, called Dutty Artz.

In addition to his music, /rupture is becoming a well-known voice on the blog scene with musical and non-musical posts on his website, "Mudd Up!". He also writes for other publications such as The Wire on a freelance basis. From 2007 to early 2013, /rupture deejay'ed a radio show also called "Mudd Up!" on WFMU.


Clayton has mentioned Edgard Varèse, the Hanatarashi, King Tubby, Pere Ubu, Steely & Clevie, Gregory Whitehead, Timbaland, Mannie Fresh, DJ Scud and Wiley as impacting his creative work.[1]



Singles & EPs[edit]

  • Rummage About (split 12" with Config.sys) (Soot Records, 1999)
  • $ Vol. 7 (split 7" with Kid606) (Tigerbeat6, 2001)
  • Rude Descending A Staircase (7") (Tigerbeat6, 2002)
  • Split EP (split 12" EP with The Bug vs. The Rootsman) (Tigerbeat6, 2003)
  • Special Gunpowder EP 1 (12" EP) (Tigerbeat6, 2004)
  • Special Gunpowder EP 2 (12" EP) (Tigerbeat6, 2004)
  • No Heathen (split 12" with Com.a & Wicked Act) (Shockout, 2004)
  • Dem Nuh Know Me (split 12" with Team Shadetek & Wayne Lonesome) (Shockout, 2004)
  • Little More Oil (12" EP with Kid606 & Sister Nancy) (Soul Jazz Records, 2005)
  • Redux (12" EP) (Broklyn Beats, 2005)
  • Miss Nemesis (7") (Ek-ke, 2006)
  • Quémalo Ya (split 12" with Filastine) (Shockout, 2007)
  • Shallows EP (12" EP with Matt Shadetek) (theAgriculture, 2009)

DJ Mixes[edit]

  • 1 + 1 = 3 (cassette) (self-released, 1999)
  • Gold Teeth Thief (self-released/Tigerbeat6, 2001)
  • Minesweeper Suite (Tigerbeat6, 2002)
  • 58.46 Radio Mix (self-released, 2003)
  • Post Election Mix (radio broadcast on Resonance FM, 2004)
  • Shotgun Wedding Vol. 1: The Bidoun Sessions (with Mutamassik) (Tigerbeat6, 2004)
  • Low Income Tomorrowland (Applecore Records, 2005)
  • Soot Fall Tour 06 (with Filastine) (self-released, 2006)
  • Improvisation for Guitar + Turntables (with Andy Moor) (Soot Records, 2006)
  • Shotgun Wedding Vol. 6 (with Filastine) (Tigerbeat6, 2007)
  • Live in France (with Andy Moor) (Soot Records, 2007)
  • Porque Soy Sonidero Y Voy A Muchos Lugares (self-released, 2008)
  • Uproot (theAgriculture, 2008)
  • New York Tropical Vol. 1 (with Geko Jones) (self-released, 2009)
  • K-K-Kumbia (self-released, 2009)
  • Solar Life Raft (with Matt Shadetek) (theAgriculture, 2009)
  • Curiosity Slowdown (self-released, 2010)
  • Harlem is Nowhere (with Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts) (self-released, 2011)
  • Dreamachine / Beyond Digital (cassette with Palm Wine & Maga Bo) (Palm Wine, 2011)
  • Change the Mood (self-released, 2012)
  • Sunset Park Rent Strike Mix (self-released, 2012)
  • 1100 vs. 2200 (with Sonido Martines) (self-released, 2013)

Appears on[edit]

  • "RKK13" - Natti Tone Scat (2000)
  • VA - Paws Across The World 2003 Tour (2004)
  • VA - Open up and say...@<%_|^[!] (2004)
  • The Wire Tapper 12


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