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DJ Cheapshot
Birth name Colton Raisin Fisher
Born March 5, 1977
Origin Burbank, California
Occupation(s) DJ, record producer
Labels Spytech Records
Demigodz Records
Associated acts Styles of Beyond
Get Busy Committee
The Demigodz
Fort Minor

DJ Cheapshot (born Colton Raisin Fisher, March 5, 1977) is the DJ of the hip hop ensemble Styles of Beyond, Get Busy Committee, and Fort Minor. He is also associated with the Demigodz and the Get Busy Committee, as well as being the founder of SpyTech Records, which is located in Reseda, Los Angeles, and the Cheapshot's bar, which is located in Long Beach, California. Cheapshot currently resides in Burbank, California.

Space Invadas[edit]

Space Invadas is a joke group Cheapshot made with his friend DJ Jester in college when they were bored. Unlike in most of his Styles of Beyond material, which is mostly production, Cheapshot provides vocals for some of his own tracks (including Trades of the Tools, which is a parody of the Fort Minor Militia track Tools of the Trade, which incidentally, he provides parody vocals for also).

Solo Tracks[edit]

  • OH NO
  • Trades of the Tools
  • Duck, Duck, Goose (Remix)
  • Simon Says (Cheapshot Remix)[1]

Solo Releases[edit]

Cheapshot also has released several solo CDs, Vinyls, and Mixtapes, which are listed below, along with several digital releases Cheapshot has released on the Styles Of Beyond fan-site, SOBCentral.

  • Fort Minor: Sampler Mixtape (2005)
  • DJ Cheapshot Presents... Mega Dudical (2007)
  • DJ Cheapshot & DJ Marshall Barnes: Party Mouth! (2007)
  • True Love & False Idols Presents: Jazzercidal Tendencies (2008)
  • Club Footed (2009)
  • True Love & False Idols Presents: Jazzercidal Tendencies Part 2 (2011)[2]
Other (Vinyl):
  • Cheapshot's Sucka' Breaks: Beat (Downs), Cuts & Nosebleeds (1998)
SOBCentral releases:
  • Here We Come (Remix)[3]
  • Murderer (Remix)[4]
Other (MP3):
  • Cheapshot Anthem[6]


Cheapshot has also done several solo tours, aside from his Styles of Beyond tours, including a Mixtape Tour for his Party Mouth! CD, which he released with DJ Marshall Barnes, who is also headlining the tour with him.

"Cheapshot's" The Bar[edit]

In February, 2007, Cheapshot, along with his brother Jordan Fisher, opened a bar, called Cheapshot's. It was a lifelong dream of the both of them to open a bar, and after several years of successful investment by Jordan, they both purchased a 2,200-square-foot (200 m2) building. After renovating it, they opened it for a test-run in May 2007. It was a success, and is now officially open. The bar has an exclusive collection of signature drinks, including the Ryu Shot, which is a reference to Cheapshot's fellow band-mate, Ryu Maginn, and a Cheapshot Mojito, named after Cheapshot himself. The bar has since changed owners and is now called "The Stache". It is located at 941 E. 4th Street in Long Beach, across from The V Room.

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