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Lee "DJ Flash" Johnson better known as DJ Flash is an American hip hop artist. In 1981 DJ Flash was the first "white rapper" ever signed to a rap label "Rappers Rapp Disco Co." Los Angeles, Ca. He attended high schools in Sacramento and Taft, California. He began his musical career at radio station KTKR 1310 AM in Taft and went on to become one of the founding members of The Rappers Rapp Group.

In 1992, DJ Flash produced the four-volume set West Coast Rap-The First Dynasty for Rhino Records, followed by Ice-T, The Classic Collection. After the success of these five albums, DJ Flash launched his own label, Hitman Music, in 1994, a joint venture with Triple XXX/Sony Music. Hitman's first release, Concrete Roots by Dr. Dre, sold over 250,000 copies during its first week of release. Debuting at #6 on Billboards Rap Charts, and at #24 on Billboard Top 100, Concrete Roots remained on Billboards Top 100 for eight consecutive weeks. Other DJ Flash productions include ICE T Cold As Ever (Hitman/Blue Dolphin), and The Original 2 Live Crew, which featured early recordings by The 2 Live Crew.


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