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DJ Lynnwood
Origin United States of America
Genres House, Dance, EDM
Years active 1983 - present
Labels Various
Associated acts Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Silversun Pickups, Depeche Mode, Brandon Flowers, Linkin Park, Enrique Iglasias, La Roux, Alanis Morissette, Ryan Tedder, Paul Oakenfold, Barbara Tucker, Gabriel & Dresden, Kerri Hilson, Kerli, Dirty Heads, DJ Rap

DJ Lynnwood is an internationally known electronic dance music producer, DJ and radio personality. He is one of the first true pioneers of DJ mixing, starting at age 10.


DJ Lynnwood's career began in the early 1980s, when he toured the local club scene east of Los Angeles as a youth. In 1983 he landed his first radio gig, mixing live on the radio and hosting the Inland Empire' first underground radio program on KUOR-FM 89.1 FM. This small college radio station, under the hands of Lynnwood, Fred Plimley, the Big V (Bobby Sato), The Mity OT and more, became the number two radio station in the market, forcing power player KGGI to begin watching Lynnwood and his cohorts. Meanwhile, DJ Lynnwood broke ground in the local dance scene. Joining the Night Life Productions crew, Lynnwood played nearly every major event at the National Orange Show. In 1984, DJ Lynnwood and Fred Plimley formed the entity "World Class Productions" producing the market's first dance/concert at the National Orange Show, "Rock of the 80's Take I" [1] Recording artists "Stop" performed live, with DJ Lynnwood and others headlining the DJ Lineup to an audience of 8000.

In November 1987 DJ Lynnwood, with the help of area promoters brought "Rock of the 80's Take 2" to the National Orange Show. Headlining were recording artists DINO (Los Vegas, NV) CYRE (New York), to an audience of about 8000 at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino, Ca.

In 1988 Lynnwood crossed town to commercial radio station KOLA where he was named APD/MD of the west coast's first 100% dance music radio station. He produced "Hot Hits Music Mix" on Friday and Saturday nights with long time friend and mentor DJ Tom Tom. He also owned and operated "Club Z" in Palm Springs, California, the area's first under-21 night club. He began his mix show at KPSI-FM in Palm Springs in early 1888 under MD Mike Keane. In Mid-1988 Lynnwood began spinning at Southern California's 18 and up night club, Club Metro, with an average audience of 22,000 customers per week. DJ Lynnwood went on to become the club's Entertainment Director. He remained on staff until late 1998, juggling his time between KOLA, Club Z, his regular gigs and his mix shows. Lynnwood sold his interest in Club Z when Sonny Bono was elected mayor of Palm Springs, forecasting the new Mayor's "Clean Up Palm Springs" campaign would have and adverse effect on business. Club Z was closed by the city of Palm Springs three months later. Club Metro remained a force in the Inland Empire club scene until late 2003 when the owner, Al Kirsinas, closed the nightclub after witnessing a fatal shooting out front on Thanksgiving.

In 1993 DJ Lynnwood was hired at KGGI (99.1 FM) Riverside as the Mix Show Director. Rumor has it that he was so offended at their offer, that he insisted he work for free until the ratings came out. After three months of producing the "HotMix" on Saturday nights, KGGI Program Director Larry Martino and consultants Bob West and Jerry Clifton offered DJ Lynnwood a handsome package, which he accepted. The "Earthquake Mix" was born in June 1993, the show "Could happen at any time". His Earthquake Mixes aired for thirty minutes in each time slot, and grew to over 30 hours per week. This feature was the highest rated show on KGGI for a number of years.

The success of the Earthquake Mix and Club Metro combined with his mix shows on several other stations in the US propelled Lynnwood. In 1996 he released his first DJ Mix compilation CD, "Earth Shakin' Deep House Vol. 1". The CD was a huge success, selling over a quarter of a million units in the US and Canada alone. DJ Lynnwood began touring all across the country at clubs and raves. In December 1997, DJ Lynnwood was approached by music industry colleague Tania Torrosian, then Label Manager for Underground Construction Records ("UC Music") in Chicago, Illinois to appear on their project Four Times Harder. DJ Lynnwood was the first west coast DJ to appear on a Chicago-based project. This CD helped shape DJ Lynnwood's national career, and helped coin the term "Chicago Hard House". Lynnwood went on to product six other successful DJ Mix compilations for UC Music until their demise in 2002.

In Mid 1998, DJ Lynnwood released Four Times Harder Volume 2 on UC Music with Chicago's Kevin Halstead, Rick Garcia, and (late) DJ Attack.

In late 1998, DJ Lynnwood released Keep It Movin' on UC Music. While on tour in April, 1999, promoting this release, DJ Lynnwood was being transported to his hotel after a gig in Phoenix, Arizona when his car was struck by a drunk driver. DJ Lynnwood, wearing a seatbelt, was ejected from the vehicle, which subsequently rolled over his body. DJ Lynnwood, against all odds, fully recovered from his injuries (including 3 breaks in the spine, 2 broken knees, 2 broken shoulders, broken ribs, hands and major head trauma) and completed his tour while wearing a back brace.

In mid-1999, DJ Lynnwood released Dance To This on UC Music and began syndication of his new radio show, Interference - The Sound of the International Underground.

In early-2000 DJ Lynnwood released House Trip 2000 on UC Music.

In mid-2001 DJ Lynnwood released House Trip 2001 on UC Music.

By 2002, Interference was on 170 radio stations in the United States and broadcast on Groove Radio (

By 2005, interference was on 210 radio stations in the United States.

In October 2009 DJ Lynnwood relaunched his "Earthquake Mix" on KGGI-FM along with a free podcast available under "DJ Lynnwood's Earthquake Mix" on iTunes, Stitcher, Apple Podcast and on

In January, 2012 DJ Lynnwood launched the DJ Lynnwood App for Apple and Android devices.

In June, 2013 DJ Lynnwood launched three new radio shows - THE MIX SHOW, BANG3RS RADIO SHOW and THE EDM QUICK MIX. On July 8, 2013, DJ Lynnwood was signed to national syndication for THE MIX SHOW, DJ Lynnwood's Earthquake Mix and The EDM Quick Mix.

In 2013, DJ Lynnwood is actively involved in the dance music (EDM) scene. In addition to his radio show, he is now involved in song production and remixing, label A&R and is a Music Curator. He performs regularly at night spots all over the USA, South America, Canada, Asia and Europe.



  • Ono "Angel" (Twisted) (2014)
  • Shara Strand "RSVP" (D1 Music) (Forthcoming)
  • Cole Plante f./Myon & Shane 54 "If I Fall" (Teknicole/Hollywood Records) (2014) *No. 1 BREAKOUT BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • Scotty Boy f/Sue Cho "Shiny Disco Balls" (PopRox) (2014) *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • Demi Lovato "Neon Lights" (Hollywood Records) (2013) *No. 1 BREAKOUT, No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • Kimberly Davis "With You" (D1 Music) (2013) *No. 4 BREAKOUT BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • Natalia Kills "Saturday Night" (Cherry Tree/Interscope Records) (2013) *No. 1 BREAKOUT BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • Cole Plante "Lie To Me" (Hollywood Records) (2103) *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • Backstreet Boys "In A Moment Like This" (BMG Music) (2013) *No. 1 BREAKOUT BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • Selena Gomez "Slow Down" (Hollywood Records) (2013) *No. 1 BREAKOUT, GREATEST GAINER, No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART (9/28/2013 Cover Date)
  • Havana Brown "Flashing Lights" (2101 Music) (2013) *No. 3 BREAKOUT BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART, No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART (11/9/2013 Cover Date)
  • YLA f/Vanessa Hudgens "$$$ex" (Roc Nation) (2013) *No. 4 BREAKOUT BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • Colette Carr "Never Gonna Happen" (Cherry Tree) (2013) *No. 1 BREAKOUT BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • Demi Lovato "Heart Attack" (Hollywood Records) (2013) *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • D'Manti "Let's Just Dance" (Diamond) 2013 *No. 1 BREAKOUT BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • Yulianna "Don't Take Your Love Away" (Zvon Music) 2013 *No. 5 BREAKOUT BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART
  • Gimm+Icky "Shake That" (Hit Shop) (2013) *No. 1 BREAKOUT BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART 3/2/2013 Issue
  • Enrique Iglasias "Finally Found You" (Universal) (2012) *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART[2]
  • Noelia "My Everything" (Pink Star Music) (2012) *No. 2 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART [3]
  • Jerad Finck "Runaway" (2012)
  • Beyoncé "Love On Top" (Columbia) 2011 *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART[4]
  • Blush "Dance On" (Far East Entertainment Records) 2011 *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART [5]
  • Linnea "Dance Thru Fire" (Linnea & Co) 2011
  • Beyoncé "Best Thing I Never Had" (Music World/Columbia) 2011 *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART [6]
  • Gia Bella "Jump" (NYX Extreme) 2011
  • Sultan & Ned Shepard f/Nadia Ali "Call My Name" (Harem) 2011 *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART
  • DJ Rayzn "The Playground" (Feedback Digital) 2011
  • Kerli "Army of Love" (Island/DefJam) 2011 *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART [7]
  • Dirty Heads "Stand Tall" (Promotional Only) 2011
  • Erika Jayne "One Hot Pleasure" (Pretty Mess Records) 2011 *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART [8]
  • La Roux "In For The Kill" (Interscope) 2010 *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART [9]
  • Linkin Park "Waiting For The End" (Warner Music) 2011 *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART
  • Kwanza Jones "Think Again" (Innovation Entertainment) 2010
  • Brandon Flowers "Only The Young" (Island/DefJam) 2010
  • Kimberly Cole "Smack You" (Crystal Ship) 2010 *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART
  • Margo "Habit" (Daumann Music) 2010
  • DJ Irene & DJ Lynnwood "Where's My Bitch" (Moist Music) 2010
  • Depeche Mode "Perfect" (Mute) 2010
  • DJ Rap f/ Fast Eddie "Drummin' N' Bassin'" (Impropa Records) 2009
  • Jet "K.I.A." (EMI) 2009
  • Gabriel & Dresden "New Path" (Organized Nature) 2009
  • Lynnwood's Revenge "New York" (Feedback Digital) 2009
  • Alanis Morissette "Not As We" (Maverick/Warner Bros) 2008 *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART
  • Keri Hilson "Energy" (Interscope) 2008
  • Nina Lares "Like Lovers Don't (Feedback Digital) 2008
  • Paul Oakenfold f/OneRepublic "Not Over" (Perfecto Digital) 2008
  • Club District All Stars "Rock Star" (Texture Recordings) 2008
  • herMajesty "Across The Rooftops" (Feedback Digital) 2008
  • Barbara Tucker "Love Revolution" (Music Plant) 2008
  • Silversun Pickups "Lazy Eye" (Dangerbird) 2008
  • Jungle Brothers "I'll House You" (Feedback Digital) 2007
  • Lynnwood's Revenge "So Girl Tonight" (Feedback Digital) 2007
  • Nelly Furtado "Say It Right" (Interscope) 2007 *No. 1 BILLBOARD DANCE CLUB SONGS CHART
  • Funk Slippers "The Way You Move" (Feedback Digital) 2006
  • Craig David & Sting "Rise And Fall" (Atlantic) 2005


  • Rainy Day Rhythms 2 (Feedback Digital) 2013
  • Feedback 7.0 (Feedback Digital) 2012
  • Feedback 6.0 (Feedback Digital) 2011
  • Feedback 5.0 (Feedback Digital) 2010
  • Feedback 4.0 (Feedback Digital) 2009
  • Feedback 3.0 (Feedback Digital) 2008
  • Feedback 2.0 (Feedback Digital) 2008
  • Feedback 1.0 (Feedback Digital) 2007
  • HouseTrip 2001 (SHR/UC Music) 2001
  • HouseTrip 2000 (SHR/UC Music) 2000
  • Dance To This (UC Music) 1999
  • Four Times Harder Volume 2 (UC Music) 1998
  • Keep It Movin' (UC Music) 1998
  • Four Times Harder Volume 1 (UC Music) 1997
  • Earth Shakin' Deep House (PR Records) 1996


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