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DJ Ozma
Birth name Nao Baba (馬場 直 Baba Nao?)
Also known as OZMA
Show Ayanocozey
Naomi Camellia Yazima
Born (1979-04-26) April 26, 1979 (age 34)
Genres Dance, pop, hip-hop
Years active 2006 –
Labels EMI Music Japan to Avex Group
Associated acts Kishidan
Yazima Beauty Salon

DJ Ozma (stylized DJ OZMA) born as Nao Baba (馬場 直 Baba Nao?) on April 26 1979 in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, and legally known as Sumitada Ozumano (尾妻野 純直 Ozumano Sumitada?), is a Japanese pop singer and musical artist.[1] He first came to prominence in early 2006 and is notorious for his performance at the 57th NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen, during which his female dancers stripped themselves of their outer clothing on stage to reveal unitards painted to resemble the nude female body while wearing a patch resembling a mushroom which covered the genitals. The station had to later clarify, in light of complaints, that the dancers were clothed, despite their appearance. For this performance, Ozma received a lifetime ban from performing at the NHK. During his three years of performing, DJ Ozma predominately covered other artists, usually K-Pop such as "Chō!" (超!?), a cover of the song (Go) by the late Korean pop singer U;Nee, and "One Night", a cover of the Korean song of the same name by DJ Doc. Several of Ozma's original songs became movie theme songs: "Lie-Lie-Lie" was used for Naruto Shippuden the Movie, "Ninkimono de Ikou!" for Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Hero of Kinpoko, and "Masurao" for Mr. Tadano's Secret Mission: From Japan with Love.

DJ Ozma was also known for his performances as alter-egos in the bands Kishidan as Show Ayanocozey (綾小路 翔 Ayanokōji Shō?) and in Yazima Beauty Salon as Naomi Camellia Yazima (ナオミ・キャメリア・矢島 Naomi Kyameria Yajima?). As Ayanocozey, he joined the promotional super-group FANTA. While on tour for his third album in 2008, he announced that he would be retiring from performing as DJ Ozma. He continued to perform as part of Yazima Beauty Salon, listed as its producer and its main lyricist, and reunited with Kishidan.

When performing as DJ Ozma, he was backed up by Yaoh "KING" Junichi (Binetsu Danji's Teruya Hoshikuzu) who served as the second vocalist, and Pancho (Kishidan's Hikaru Saotome) who performed rap sections. The Ozma family also had a series of back up dancers:

The OZ-MAX, female vocalists and dancers, occasionally having solo songs: Ayami (Nakazato Ayami, a future member of SDN48), Miki, Mariko (also a Kishidan backdancer), Yukko, and Chiharu. The OZ-MAX originally numbered four, before Yukko was added making five.

The OZ-MATE, six male backup dancers: Mine, Mamoru, TSURU-G, Hiroki, Kochi, and Choleste.

The OZ-MANIACS, various other personalities: MC Korea (Nikaido Kenzi of Binetsu Danji), MC Maji, So What? Brothers, Takuya Noro, ODAWARA JOE, etc.

The DJ Ozma persona was "retired" in December 2008, but was revived in late 2011 with the release of a new single, Chinkonka. This coincided with the Kishidan release of My Way a single cover to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Kishidan. In addition to competing for sales, a joint concert was held in 2012, Kishidan vs DJ OZMA, to parody both the supposed rivalry of Ozma and Ayanocozey, and Ozma's denial that his two alter egos are the same people. In November of 2013, Ozma (announcing it as Ayanocozey) admitted that the two were one in the same.



  • I ♡ Party People (2006-11-15)
  • I ♡ Party People 2 (2007-12-5)
  • I ♡ Party People 3 (2008-12-31)
  • Single Collection 2006-2008 A-Side Trax (2008-12-31)


  • "Age Age Every Night" (アゲ♂アゲ♂EVERY☆騎士 Age Age Eburi Naito?, 2006-03-22)
  • "Sunjon" (純情~スンジョン~"?, 2006-07-12)
  • "One Night" (2006-09-27)
  • "Shippū Jinrai (Inochi BOM-BA-YE)" (疾風迅雷~命BOM-BA-YE~"?, 2007-04-25)
  • "E.Yo.Ne!!" (2007-06-13)
  • "Lie-Lie-Lie" (2007-08-01)
  • "Spiderman" (2007-09-19)
  • "Tokyo Boogie Back" (2007-11-14)
  • "Ninkimono de Ikō!" (人気者で行こう!?, 2008-04-16)
  • "Masurao" (2008-12-03)
  • "Chinkonka" (珍魂歌?, 2011-12-07)


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