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DJ Trace is the recording name of Duncan Hutchison, a British electronic music artist, disc jockey and founder of DSCI4 Records. Hutchison's remix of T Power & MK Ultra's Mutant Jazz, entitled simply The Mutant Remix and released on the Rollers Instinct record label in 1995 is said to be one of the first examples of the techstep genre of jungle/drum & bass music.[1] This was one of the first drum & bass recordings to sample the bassline from Kevin Saunderson's Just Want Another Chance (released in 1988 under the pseudonym Reese) and the sample itself was from then on referred to within the genre as the 'Reese Bassline'.[2][3] Having recorded since 1991, and released tracks on various drum & bass record labels, Hutchison set up his own label, DSCI4 Records, in 1999.[4]


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