Diósgyőri VTK (basketball)

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Aluinvent-DVTK logo
Leagues NB I/A
Founded 1946, 2011
Dissolved 2006
Arena Generali Arena
Location Miskolc, Hungary
Team colors Red and white
President Tamás Szabó
Head coach Maikel Lopez (Miguel del Jesús López Alonsó)
Championships 2 Hungarian Cups
Kit body redsides.png
Home jersey
Kit shorts.png
Team colours
Kit body whitesides.png
Away jersey
Kit shorts.png
Team colours
Former logo (2011–2013)

Diósgyőri VTK is a Hungarian women's basketball club playing in the Hungarian Championship. It has been founded after the World War II. In 1991 it separated from the Diósgyőri VTK football club, and played as Diósgyőri KSK. It won the national cup in 1993 and 1994,[1] and it was a regular in the Ronchetti Cup through the 1990s.[2] It has subsequently made four appearances in the Eurocup.[3] In 2006 the club dissolved and in 2011 it has been re-founded. In 2013 the club re-joined to DVTK.


2014/2015 roster[4][edit]

Left in the season:

2013/2014 roster[5][edit]

2012/2013 roster[edit]


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