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Bongo Controller
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Controller

DK Bongos are bongo-like controllers for use with certain Donkey Kong video games for the Nintendo GameCube. There are two bongos, each shaped like a classic Donkey Kong barrel with a rubber drumskin fastened on top. It also has a built-in microphone to detect clapping.

In Japan the controller is called the "TaruKonga" (or "TaruConga") controller. The name is a multilayered pun, combining "Taru" (the Japanese word for "barrel"), "Kon" or "Con" (a suffix used by Namco when naming their original peripherals, such as the "GunCon", or the "TaTaCon"), and Konga (or Conga).

The DK Bongos are featured in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as Donkey Kong's Final Smash attack, the "Konga Beat".

If someone were to plug in the bongos on a different Gamecube game, the left pad will act like the A Button and the right pad will act like the B Button.



Note that the DK Bongos are incompatible with Jungle Beat's New Play Control! re-release for the Wii.


Two Wii titles were initially designed to support the DK Bongos. Such support, however, was removed due to Nintendo wishing to avoid alienating Wii gamers who did not own the peripheral:[1]


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