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dLife is a United States-based health media company aimed at informing, inspiring, and connecting with prediabetes and diabetes patients, families, medical professionals, and caregivers. A multi-platform company, dLife consists of several distinct programs aimed at helping people with diabetes to manage their diabetes.

Since it was established, dLife’s goal has been to address the overwhelming need for real, practical solutions to the 24/7 challenge of managing diabetes. Using a variety of educational and entertaining content, dLife strives to give people the help and support they need when they need it, and to empower people to improve their health and diabetes management themselves. dLife also aims to assist diabetes educators and health plans in educating their patients and clients on diabetes. As a lifestyle and community resource, dLife not only looks to provide clinical advice, but to consider the whole person. As such, dLife’s mission behind all of its work is to make content user-friendly, and to encourage members to connect with the diabetes community on dLife forums and beyond.

In 2014, Veria Living, a 24/7 TV network dedicated to empowering people in the pursuit of natural wellness, acquired dLife. Veria Living, which includes Veria Living TV and VeriaLiving.com, is the leading media company devoted to showcasing wellness programming and related content in the United States and beyond.

History and Mission[edit]

dLife was founded in 2004 by Howard Steinberg, a marketing pioneer diagnosed with type I diabetes at age 10. Throughout his teen years, Steinberg struggled immensely with his diabetes. He often felt discouraged and isolated from his peers. The specter of severe complications, or an early death, had always hung over his head.

Beginning in college, Steinberg took control of his diabetes and found success in the business and marketing world. In 1998, Steinberg founded his own marketing and promotions agency, Source Marketing. He never forgot the pain and discomfort he felt as a person fighting to maintain his diabetes. Further, he became increasingly aware that millions of others with diabetes can also feel disconnected, uninformed, and discouraged. He decided to use his marketing skills to build a second company: a diabetes community that would help provide the information and resources people with diabetes need, as well as a connection — eliminating some of the isolation of managing diabetes every day. His goal was “Medutainment;” merging refreshing content and exclusive channels to provide the most accessible health resource in mass media for people with diabetes. “Why not a TV show about diabetes?” Steinberg reasoned.

dLifeTV debuted in 2005, immediately followed by the launch of dLife.com, where the community could gather, learn, and encourage each other. Originally, dLife media outlets included not only TV and an online presence, but direct mail and a radio broadcast voiced by Dr. Bob Arnot called dLife Minute that was retired in 2010. That same year, dLife hit its 1-million-member benchmark.

In 2012, dLife launched a new offering called dLife Healthcare Solutions, a behavioral change program for healthcare organizations aiming to help patients adapt to a successful diabetes lifestyle. Today, the company has 1.5 million members and caters to over 10,000 diabetes educators. All content is expert-approved, regularly updated, and clinically sound.

dLife can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


dLifeTV is a half-hour long American weekly lifestyle television series broadcasting Sundays at 7 PM ET on dLifeTV.com The show, which started airing in 2005, is the first television program dedicated entirely to people living with diabetes and the people who care for them. Prior to 2013, the show aired on live television on CNBC. The show is now exclusively shown on dLifeTV.com.

Regular segments on dLifeTV include the dLife Kitchen, featuring a diabetes-friendly recipe, and Real People Real Stories, where viewers send in their personal stories about dealing with diabetes. The show discusses a number of topics, including advancements in diabetes research, fitness, health, and new diabetes products and therapies on the market. Each episode is hosted by a prominent member of the diabetes community, such as past hosts Jim Turner, Mother Love, Nicole Johnson, and J. Anthony Brown. Many shows also feature a respected chef, including past chefs Chris Smith (2005-2006), Franklin Becker (2006), and Michel Nischan (2007-present). Besides this, the show regularly features special guests, many of who are celebrities in sports, politics or entertainment, to offer inspiration on how they deal with diabetes.

Healthcare Solutions[edit]

dLife Healthcare Solutions, works closely with health plans, providers, and pharmaceutical and device manufacturers to provide engagement, behavior change, and self-management programs for people living with diabetes. Leveraging its proprietary content, multi-platform media tools, and diabetes expertise, dLife Healthcare Solutions (dLife HCS) builds, develops, and operates individualized programs for their partners that engage people with diabetes over time. Specifically, dLife HCS engages customers via the dLife Engagement Platform, a proprietary set of content and technology assets proven to improve knowledge, self-care behavior, and outcomes. dLife HCS has developed content for Geisinger, Humana, and Welltok, among others.

Launched in 2012, this new direction for dLife came after two studies conducted by Geisinger and Humana revealed the effectiveness of dLife’s multi-dimensional, digital lifestyle intervention. This prompted the company to further explore its potential as a key healthcare content provider. In addition, dLife has recognized that the healthcare industry has continued to evolve rapidly, and that dLife’s bilateral approach can help health plans to move beyond simply treating patients suffering with a disease to helping consumers improve their diabetes lifestyle.

Awards and Recognition[edit]

dLife is considered by many to be the #1 resource for diabetes. It has won a number of awards for its website, mobile app, television show, and behavioral change program since its inception. Among many, dLife has garnered:

  • 26 Telly awards
  • 25 National Health Information awards
  • Seven Web Health awards
  • Five W3 awards for dLife.com
  • Two IMA Award for Outstanding Achievement
  • Two Webby Award Nominations
  • Two Healthcare Leadership Awards
  • One Web Award for Best Health Website & Healthcare Standard of Excellence
  • One Freddie Award in the Diabetes Category
  • One Summit International Award for Best Health/Lifestyle Website
  • One Medical Marketing & Media Award for Best Healthcare Website
  • One DTC National Advertising Award for Best Health Condition Website
  • One Web Health Award Mobile
  • One Prestigious Eli Lilly, Lilly for Life Awards for Diabetes Journalism award
  • One CINCE Golden Eagle Award
  • One Emmy nomination

What They Do[edit]

dLife is a multi-media company consisting of:

  • dLife.com — The leading online diabetes destination for over one million visitors each month, dLife.com contains the deepest variety of original diabetes resources. Educational content on the website is original, unbiased, and regularly reviewed by top experts, including an advisory board.
  • dLifeTV — dLifeTV is the only national TV series dedicated to people with diabetes, airing Sundays at www.dlifetv.com (7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT). Among segments, dLifeTV includes diabetes expert interviews, cooking demonstrations, and profiles of celebrities and athletes living with diabetes.
  • dLife Foodstuff — Weekly eNewsletter featuring healthy diabetes nutrition tips and recipes.
  • dLife Brief — Weekly eNewsletter with diabetes news, profiles, polls, and more.
  • dLife Educator — Monthly eNewsletter that engages diabetes educators, providing tips and tools educators can use to help patients manage their diabetes.
  • dLife Diabetes Mobile Companion — Free smartphone application that works as a diabetes lifestyle manager and tracker to help people handle their diabetes on-the-go. This allows users to track their blood glucose levels, find diabetes friendly recipes, watch episodes of dLifeTV, and get expert answers to diabetes questions.
  • Healthcare Services — A behavior modification platform for health plan, and pharmaceutical and medical device clients.
  • Recipes — Largest recipe database with over 9,000 diabetes-friendly recipes that can be sorted by course, main ingredient, carbs, calories, fat, sodium count, and gluten-free.
  • Quick Cuisine by dLife® — Diabetes-friendly meals delivered to one’s door. The program’s meals are developed in partnership with RDN/CDEs and follow the latest ADA guidelines. Quick Cuisine by dLife® is pre-portioned, carb-balanced, and nutrient rich to help consumers take control of their diabetes.
  • Expert Q&A — 24/7, direct on-site Q&A that allows users to search previously asked diabetes questions for immediate answers, or post a new question to get answers from an expert panel. The database of questions covers dozens of diabetes-related categories.
  • Community — The largest online network of people living with diabetes and their caregivers, includes 19 active community forums. Members share stories, exchange ideas, and support each other.
  • dLife® Pro Look-Up Tool — Online database where 1 million-plus patients can search for healthcare professionals.
  • Webinars — Monthly presentations hosted by trusted diabetes professionals, certified diabetes educators and other qualified speakers who provide diabetes education and tips in a live online presentation. Includes real-time Q&A and feedback.
  • dLife® Fresh Thinking – a 7-week online diabetes nutrition and education program offered free to those who sign up for Quick Cuisine by dLife®.


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