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Developer(s) PCTI Solutions Ltd
Stable release 7.1.280 / 26th March 2013 (26th March 2013)
Written in VB6 & .NET
Operating system Windows
Available in English
Type Document Management
License Proprietary

'Docman' provides a complete electronic document management, messaging and workflow solution designed specifically for NHS Trust GP practices and secondary care facilities such as hospitals.

Docman is used by over 6,000 GP Practices and 100 secondary care organisations. Projects include a complete roll out Docman in Oxfordshire, Docman in Southwark, Docman in Surrey and Docman in Croydon.

Good Practice Guidelines[edit]

Docman is also used in all practices in Scotland and is cited within the Good Practice Guidelines for GP electronic patient records.

GPs have documented the system's benefits to them in saving time Document Management Whitepaper.


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