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The terms "DOD-STD-2167" and "DOD-STD-2168" (often mistakenly referred to as "MIL-STD-2167" and "MIL-STD-2168" respectively) are the official specification numbers for superseded U.S. DoD military standards describing documents and procedures required for developing military computer systems. Specifically: [1]

  • DOD-STD-2167 described the necessary project documentation to be delivered when developing a computer software system.
  • DOD-STD-2168 was the DoD's software quality assurance standard, titled "Defense System Software Quality Program".

On December 5, 1994, the standards DOD-STD-2167A and DOD-STD-2168 were superseded by MIL-STD-498, and that document merged DOD-STD-2167A, DOD-STD-7935A, and DOD-STD-2168 into a single document, and incorporated changes to address vendor criticisms.

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  • "Frameworks for quality software process: SEI Capability Maturity Model...",, 2007, webpage PDF: SL6-PDF: states, "MIL-STD-2167 is the standard many DoD contractors have had to deliver...whereas MIL-STD-2168 is the DoD's quality assurance standard."