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DR Update
DR Update.svg
Launched 7 June 2007
Closed 4 March 2013
Owned by DR
Slogan De vigtigste nyheder. Kort fortalt. (The most important news. In brief.)
Country Denmark
Broadcast area Worldwide
Sister channel(s) DR1
DR Ramasjang
Website http://www.dr.dk/update
DTT Channel 20
Canal Digital Channel 23
Viasat Channel 55
YouSee Channel 22
Waoo Channel 7
TDC TV Channel 29
Streaming media

DR Update was a Danish television news channel broadcast by Danmarks Radio. It is developed for viewing on computer with Internet access and will be streamed in broadcast quality. Although the channel is primarily aimed at web distribution, it is also available on regular broadcast television from the start on satellite from Canal Digital and from some community antennas. Initially it will broadcast between 07:00 and 23:00.

In January 2008, the government gave a green light for broadcasting the channel in the digital terrestrial network. The channel will broadcast in an unused frequency space which is used to simulcast news bulletins in sign language between in the early evening. DR Update will broadcast round-the-clock, except between 17:00 and 20:00, when the space is used by the sign language simulcasts. [1] The terrestrial launch took place on 19 February 2008. With the terrestrial launch, the channel underwent slight changes by making the news loop six minutes long. [2] From November 2009, DR Update is broadcasting on their own channel, and isn't used by the simulcasts anymore. The simulcasts is going on another channel called DR Synstolkning, where it is on 24/7. In addition to the broadcasting on the digital terrestrial network, DR Update is from 1 April 2008 broadcasting on the Viasat platform.

From 12 March 2008, the 12:00 and 15:00 editions of TV Avisen have been replaced by DR Update.[3] From 1 February 2011, DR Update also produces the news on DR1 at 17:50[4] At the same day, there were done several other changes to DR Update, including a new studio, new graphics and making the news loop 10 minutes long.

DR Update has been closed and replaced by DR Ultra at 4 March 2013.





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