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Developer(s) Stefano Daino
Stable release 4.2.2 / 2012-10-23
Operating system Mac OS X Leopard 10.5 or higher
Type Digital audio editor
License Proprietary
Website DSP-Quattro Product Page

DSP-Quattro is a digital audio editor that does audio recording and editing, plug-in hosting and Audio-CD mastering. It is available only for Mac OS X in a Universal Binary format, that runs natively on either PowerPC or Intel based Macs.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Import/Export of most audio file formats, including mp3 MPEG-4, mp2, ac3, aifc, 3gp, mpa, mp4, caf, 3g2, m4a, AAC, audio tracks from QuickTime movies and Audio CDROMs
  • High quality TimeStretching and Frequency Shifting Algorithms utilising a special Spectral Re-synthesizer
  • MIDI Sample Dump Standard (SDS) support
  • Infinite levels of Undo/Redo, with complete Undo/Redo history table, to immediately jump back to any moment of the editing session
  • Audio restoration tools: De-clicker, Pencil Tool and Gainer Tool to remove clicks and noises or lower unwanted transients
  • BPM tempo based Auto-Detection and Master BPM tempo to synchronize virtual instruments and effect plug-ins
  • Inputs/Outputs of the audio interface can be used as a virtual send/return to process audio with external hardware effect units as a “plug-in”
  • Built-in audio CDROM burning capability that conforms to the Redbook standards
  • CD-Texts, EAN/UPC, ISRC and PQ sub-codes support
  • Support of DDP files standard (including md5 checksum) and Roxio Toast/Jam SDII format to import/export of audioCD image files
  • Selectable built-in dithering algorithm with advanced noise shaper
  • AU (Audio Unit) and VST 2.4 Instruments and Effects plug-in support, including plug-ins with COCOA GUI
  • Batch Processor, for automated file format conversion, plug-ins and additional common and ultra-fast processing