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This article is about the musician. For the song, see DVNO (song).
Also known as Mehdi Pinson
Origin France
Genres Disco house, electroclash
Years active 1998–present
Labels Ed Banger
Website dvno.fr

DVNO, also known as Mehdi Pinson, is a French musician, multi-instrumentist, singer, composer, producer, entertainer and DJ. A self-described rowdy crooner, he is best known for his vocals on his previous band Scenario Rock's indie dance hit Skitzo Dancer.

He later became a household name amongst Ed Banger Records fans with his guest appearance on the single DVNO with fellow countrymen Justice (off their critically acclaimed debut album ). As for his name, DVNO stands for Divino which is a sarcastic reference to discotheques and modern social standards in entertainment.


In the early 1990s DVNO was spinning in numerous hip hop dance battles and block parties, while playing in a hardcore punk rock band who would often perform with the likes of NRA, NOFX and Millencolin. Sharing the same interest for skateboarding and turntablism with childhood friend DJ Pone, the two youths formed the music collective Scenario Rock, which was much more hip hop and electronic music oriented in the beginning.

In 1998 with the help of DJ Faster Jay, A&R Bertil David and music mogul Phillipe Ascoli, the band released their first single on the compilation Source Rocks with some of the french music avant-garde along with Phoenix and Sebastien Tellier.

Scenario Rock was then signed to Vorston and Limantell / BMG and later released their debut album Endless Season, which was recorded and produced in Los Angeles by David Corcos. The album features numerous musicians such as Koool G. Murder on bass (Eels, Everlast, Beck) and Alfredo Ortiz (Beastie Boys) on drums. A bunch of major label issues meant that Endless Season only came out in 2004 (due to Sony's completed acquisition of BMG and its label closure). The follow-up album Histrionics was similarly delayed and finally released in February 2008. Not long after, the band and its original line-up split up to get rid of the major label issues.

After over a decade touring world-wide; tearing up dance floors and exploring the indie/dance world with one eye on 70's and 80's soft rock and the other held firmly on electronic music for inspiration. DVNO still follows his path returning to his ongoing obsessions with Djing, songwriting and producing music, recording new material and crafting musical oddities for his upcoming album.

In addition to his work with Scenario Rock and Jus†ice, he has also remixed tracks for french bands Jamaica, Singtank, Chateau Marmont, Birdy Nam Nam, Para One, Emil and Friends and collaborates with many artists such as friends at Ed Banger Records, Punks Jump Up, Database, DJ Pone, Tahiti Boy and Pianist virtuoso Mattias Mimoun. He also collaborates regularly with the Parisian fashion brand Surface to Air, Brazilian collective Clasta and Nike, for whom he recently performed and produced the song Amigo to the Ritz featuring pro surfer Naum Ildefonse along with the unreleased songs Freshtablishment and Durdenelius appearing on two of The Chosen campaign videos shot by Surface to Air Paris.

DVNO is currently working on the follow-up to The Moonlighting Mixtape in association with DJ Pone and recording material for a forthcoming and debut solo album produced by Dustin N'Guyen.


Singles & EPs[edit]

  • Scenario Rock “Both Gotta Move On” Ep / Jive Epic (2008)
  • Scenario Rock “Skitzo Dancer † Remix Reissue” Jive Epic (2008)
  • Scenario Rock ” Both gotta move on Sebastian remix” – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Scenario Rock ” Both Gotta move on Hey champ remix” – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Scenario Rock ” Both Gotta move on Le Mattias remix ” – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Scenario Rock ” Perfect love antidote Bobmo remix” – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Scenario Rock “Perfect love antidote Bobmo remix II” – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Scenario Rock “Perfect love antidote Hey Champ remix” – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Scenario Rock “The Gypsy Walk” – Arcade Mode (2008) – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Jus†ice “DVNO” – Ed Banger records / Because (2008) – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Jus†ice “DVNO Jus†ice remix” – Ed Banger records / Because (2008) – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Jus†ice “DVNO Surkin remix” – Ed Banger records / Because (2008) – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Jus†ice “DVNO Sunshine Brothers remix” – Ed Banger records / Because (2008) – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Jus†ice “DVNO LA Riot remix” – Ed Banger records / Because (2008) – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Jus†ice “DVNO Les Petits Pilous remix” – Ed Banger records / Because (2008) – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Scenario Rock “Skitzo Dancer” – Jive Epic (2004)
  • Scenario Rock “Perfect Love Antidote” – Jive Epic (2004)
  • Scenario Rock “Modern Epicureans” – Vorston & Limantell / BMG (2003)
  • Scenario Rock “Hard Task” – Vorston & Limantell / BMG (2003)
  • Scenario Rock “Scenario Rock” – Source Rocks Compilation (1998)


  • Scenario Rock “Histrionics” – Jive Epic (2008)
  • Justice “†” – Ed Banger records / Because (2007)
  • Scenario Rock “Endless Season” – Jive Epic (2004)



  • Scenario Rock “Both gotta move on So-Me remix”
  • Scenario Rock Perfect Love antidote Mixhell remix”
  • Scenario Rock “Both Gotta move on Strip steve remix”
  • Scenario Rock “Skitzo Dancer LA Riot remix”
  • Scenario Rock “Both gotta move on Database remix”


  • DVNO "Moonlighting"

Music Videos, DVD, Exhibitions and Featurettes[edit]

  • Video Days / Cinemix (2012)
  • Live Skateboard Media (Intro Credit / Bumper) (2012)
  • Scenario Rock “Both Gotta Move On” Directed By Rozan & Schmeltz (2008)
  • Justice “DVNO” Directed by So-Me & Machine Molle (2008)
  • Justice “A Cross the Universe” Directed by Jus†ice, So-Me & Romain Gavras (2008)
  • Scenario Rock “Skitzo Dancer” Directed By Rozan & Schmeltz (2004)
  • DVNO “Freshtablishment” – Nike SB The Chosen (2011)
  • DVNO “Durdenelius” -Nike 6.0 The Chosen (2011)
  • DVNO ” Echoes of Anhangabaú – Public Domaine exhibition (2011)
  • DVNO “Amigo to the Ritz feat Naum Ildefonse” – Nike 6.0 (2010)
  • Scenario Rock “Skitzo Dancer † remix” – Sony Rolly commercial (2009)
  • Scenario Rock “Frantic dance of death” Directed by Surface 2 Air (2004)


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