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This article is about the Philippine radio station. For the American radio station owned by Cumulus Broadcasting, please see WSM-FM.

DWSM (102.7 Star FM)
102.7 Star FM Logo (2014)
Broadcast area Metro Manila, surrounding areas
Branding 102.7 Star FM
Slogan Iba ang Dating!
Like Mo, Share Mo!
Frequency 102.7 MHz
First air date 1970s as WXB Magic Disco 102
1982 as WXB 102
1987 as WSM The Gentle Wind 102.7
1994 as 102.7 Star FM
Format Pop, Hot AC, OPM, News and Information
Power 25,000 watts
ERP 100,000 watts
Class B, C, D, E
Callsign meaning DW
Former callsigns DWXB (1982-1987)
Owner Bombo Radyo Philippines
(People's Broadcasting Services)
Webcast http://www.ustream.tv/channel/star-fm-manila-102-7
Website http://star.bomboradyo.com/

DWSM (102.7 FM) - branded as 102.7 Star FM - is a music FM radio station run by People's Broadcasting Services and owned by Bombo Radyo Philippines. The station's studio and transmitter are located at the Unit D, 18th floor, Strata 2000 Building, F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Star FM is equally as strong as its sister AM network group Bombo Radyo Philippines. Its flagship station based in Manila, even with the existence of a substantial number of FM stations operating and stiff competition from both ABS-CBN's, TV5's and GMA Network's own networks, is the number one radio station in Metro Manila. The network's strongest market segment is with the provincial or rural people currently residing in Manila helped by its strong brand name in the provinces. Prior to 1994, Bombo Radyo managed its FM stations locally with each individual unique brand name. However this has all been changed in April 1994 when the network officially re-branded all 14 FM stations to carry the brand name Star FM and now share the same vision and objective. The re-branding proved to be successful as Star FM now enjoys strong ratings all across the country. On occasion, Star FM stations are tapped to do news gathering, especially when covering local and national elections.


WXB 102 (1970–1987)[edit]

Main article: WXB 102

102.7 Star FM started out as WXB Magic Disco during the 1970s, and reformatted as Cute 102, playing the American Top Forty format. It then rebranded in 1983 as WXB 102, playing the New Wave genre. It was instrumental in inspiring rock artists such as The Dawn, Identity Crisis, and Violent Playground. It briefly competed with another New Wave station, Power 105 BM FM (now known as 105.1 Crossover). With its signal of 1 kilowatt, it acquired a cult following. It signed off in 1987 when the Corazon C. Aquino-led government began sequestering the properties owned by her predecessor Ferdinand Marcos and his cronies. Sadly, the studio of WXB 102 was sequestered. The successor of WXB 102,NU 107, owned by the Progressive Broadcasting Corporation, began broadcasting on October 31, 1987.

The Gentle Wind 102.7 (1987–1994)[edit]

102.7 Star FM logo (2006-2013)

Bombo Radyo Philippines acquired the frequency, along with the callsign and rebranded it as The Gentle Wind 102.7 with the callsign as DWSM. It would compete with rival stations from 1987 onwards. The Gentle Wind brand would continue up to 1994, when Bombo Radyo rebranded it, along with its provincial stations with other brands, as Star FM.

102.7 Star FM (1994–present)[edit]

Bombo Radyo Network rebranded the station as 102.7 Star FM. The new format played OPM songs, along with foreign songs and news Monday to Saturday. at 7:00-7:30 am, 12:00 noon - 12:30 pm, and 6:00-6:30 pm, The station started the "masa" trend in FM stations. Presently, the station plays classics every Sunday, and the new hits and OPM every Monday to Saturday. On February 24, 2013, Star FM relocated the studios from the EGI Building in Taft, Pasay to its current home in Strata 2000 in Pasig in line with the modern broadcast standards.


Further information: Star FM Network

Current On-air Staff[edit]

Star FM[edit]

  • Dr. Buzz (Orly Pangcog, Senior Area Manager)
  • Wowie Tailor (Stephen D. Bibas, Acting Station Manager, name lifted from Wowie de Guzman and Maui Taylor)
  • Private Ryan (lifed from the 1998 movie Saving Private Ryan)
  • Toni Tubero (lifted from the word tubero meaning a plumber)
  • John Marino (lifted from Filipina actress Jan Marini)
  • Max (lifted from Max Alvarado)
  • Bobby Aero (lifted from the word babaero meaning a girl magnet)
  • Allen

Bombo Radyo News[edit]

  • Bombo Elmar Acol (Bombo News Director, Bombo Network News morning edition anchor every Mon-Fri, occasional Saturday sit-in)
  • Bombo Jun Desca (Senate beat, Bombo Network News noontime anchor from Mon-Fri, and Saturday anchor for all three editions)
  • Bombo Vince Villar (Justice beat, Bombo Network News evening anchor every Mon-Fri, also relief anchor for Bombo Elmar/Bombo Jun)
  • Bombo Nestle Cayabyab (Showbiz News)
  • Bombo Kevin Fuentes (Sports News/Sandiganbayan Assignments)
  • Bombo Leizl Galan (International News)
  • Bombo Jovino Galang
  • Bombo Dennis Jamito (Congress beat)
  • Bombo Roel Razalan (Sports News/OFW News)
  • Bombo Analy Soberano (Defense beat/War correspondent)
  • Bombo Reymund Tinaza (Malacañang beat)
  • Bombo Jerald Ulep (Sports News/Special Assignments)


Monday to Saturday Programs[edit]

  • 12mn- 4am / It's All For You Early Morning with DJ Allen
  • 4am - 6am / Pinoy Morning Na
  • 6am - 9am / Morning Stars Sweep with Private Ryan (with 30-minute news program as Bombo Network News Morning Edition Monday to Saturday with Bombo Elmar Acol)
  • 9am - 11am / It's All For You in the Morning with DJ Max
  • 11am - 1pm / Star Musikainan with Wowie Taylor (with 30-minute news program as Bombo Network News Noontime Edition Monday to Saturday with Bombo Jun Desca)
  • 1pm - 3pm / It's All For You in the Afternoon with Toni Tubero
  • 3pm - 6pm / Afternoon Stars Sweep with DJ Max
  • 6pm - 9pm / Evening Stars Sweep with John Marino (with 30-minute news program as Bombo Network News Evening Edition Monday to Saturday with Bombo Vince Villar)
  • 9pm - 12mn / It's All For You in the Evening with Bobby Aero

Sunday Programs[edit]

  • 12mn- 4am / It's All For You Early Morning
  • 4am - 6am / Never of Sunday with Toni Tubero
  • 6am - 9am / Sunday Disco Flashback with Toni Tubero
  • 9am - 10am / Pinoy Memories with Toni Tubero
  • 10am - 1pm / Never on Sunday Second Edition with John Marino
  • 1pm - 3pm / Mellow Rock Sunday with DJ Max
  • 3pm - 6pm / Sunday Dance Party with DJ Max
  • 6pm - 9pm / Starrific Sunday Mix with John Marino
  • 9pm - 12mn / Mellow Sunday with Bobby Aero

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