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DXHB-TV (JACK City on BEAM Channel 8)
Cagayan De Oro City
Branding BEAM/JACK City TV-8-Cagayan De Oro
Slogan Drama with Style
Channels Analog: 8 (VHF)
Affiliations Jack City
Owner Radio Mindanao Network
Solar Television Network
(Broadcast Enterprise and Affiliated Media, Inc.)
Founded 1991
Former affiliations ABC (1992-2000)
E! Entertainment (April 2000-May 2003)
Silent (2003-2011)
The Game Channel (August 2011-February 2012)
CHASE (December 2011-October 2012)
Transmitter power TRP:100 kilowatts
ERP 2,500 kw
Website www.rmn.ph

DXHB-TV channel 8, is a television station of Radio Mindanao Network & Broadcast Enterprises and Affiliated Media, Inc. operated by Jack City arm subsidiary of Solar Television Network, Inc. In Cagayan De Oro City. Its studios and transmitter are located at A. Velez., Cagayan De Oro City the same as their AM and FM station.[1] DXHB-TV is an originated station of Metro Manila's BEAM Channel 31 and it had also another relay and sister TV station, BEAM Channel 33. BEAM Channel 8-Cagayan De Oro.


RMN-TV Channel 8 was the first TV station of Radio Mindanao Network. It was launched on August 28, 1991, thirty-nine years after it start, RMN was now venturing into television. And also RMN finally granted a permit to broadcast on UHF 31 in Metro Manila. It was started as the provincial affiliate of ABC from 1992 to 2000.

On July 3, 2011, VHF 8 in Cagayan De Oro and all RMN TV stations nationwide returned as a test broadcast, right after Globe Telecom acquired 39 percent of BEAM and Altimax Broadcasting Co., retaining RMN as its real owner. And then on it was branded as BEAM Channel 8 and The Game Channel on August 15, 2011. Recently, The Game Channel limited to its broadcast on December 24, 2011, to give way to its new sister station CHASE which it was broadcast in evening block of The Game Channel. Recently The Game Channel leased its operation on BEAM and transferred its operation to cable, while CHASE remains on this network and took its 24 hour broadcast. On September 7, 2012, when they aired 24 on CHASE, an animation signage plugged and written like this: "Another Jack TV is rising, coming soon on this channel". This was the part of Solar TV Network, Inc. plans to use this channel assignment to aired the said network. The network is planned and it was launched as the secondary Jack TV network named JACK City on October 20, 2012.


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