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DZMB (90.7 Love Radio)
City of license Pasay
Broadcast area Metro Manila, surrounding areas
Branding 90.7 Love Radio
Slogan "Kailangan pa bang i-memorize 'yan? Bisyo na to'!"
(Tagalog for "Do you have to memorize that? It's addictive!")
Frequency 90.7 MHz
First air date July 1, 1946 (AM Band)
February 14, 1975; 39 years ago (1975-02-14) (FM Band)
Format Top 40 (CHR), OPM
Power 25,000 watts
ERP 40,000 watts
Class C, D, E
Callsign meaning DZ
Owner Manila Broadcasting Company
(Love Radio Network)
Sister stations DZRH, 96.3 Easy Rock, Yes! FM 101.1

DZMB (90.7 FM) – branded as 90.7 Love Radio – is radio station with top 40 (CHR) and, OPM format. It is owned and operated by Manila Broadcasting Company in the Philippines. The station's studio is located at Star City, CCP Complex, Pasay City and the transmitter is located atop the BSA Twin Tower, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.[1]

On-air staff[edit]

Most of the hosts/jocks' names are derived from common Filipino occupations (e.g., driver, vendor).

  • Chris Tsuper (Adrian Policena) – a cross-between "Christopher" and "tsuper", a driver/motorist. He was previously known as "Carlo Valentino" of Love Radio Lucena
  • Nicole Hyala (Emmy Gaite - Tinana) – lifted from "kolehiyala", a female college student, also production supervisor for the said radio station.
  • Kristine Dera (Ivanne Colleen Parrilla) - lifted from "tindera", a female vendor
  • Diego Bandido (Michael Fantinalgo) - lifted from "bandido", a bandit (formerly Diego Latigo from 102.7 Star FM)
  • Shai Tisai (Elizabeth Almonte)- Lifted from "tisay",a Filipino word for light-skinned female. (formerly from Easy Rock Zamboanga)
  • Raqi Terra (Jessey Guiam)(formerly known as Chuchu Buday) - lifted from "rakitera", a person who makes extra work
  • Lyka Barista (Joy Babor) - Lifted from "barista"
  • Papa Jack (John Gemperle) - Ang matabang boses lasing na DJ. lifted from the "padyak" boys, a bicycle with a sidecar
  • Pinong Lagari (Kadyot Pinong) (Rufino Lagari) – The character behind "Kadyot lang! Kadyot lang", Cebuano for "Wait up!" which became one of the station's catchphrases.
  • Kukurukuku – The chipmunk-sounding character who first popularized "Kailangan pa bang i-memorize 'yan!" (Does it have to be memorized?)

Weekday Programming[2][edit]

  • Chris Tsuper (6 - 8 am)
  • Tambalan with Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hyala (8 am - 9 am)
  • Nicole Hyala (9 am - 12 nn)
  • Kristine Dera (12 nn - 3pm)
  • Papa Jack's TLC: The Drama Special (1 - 2 pm) - Hosted by Kristine Dera and Tanya Chinita of Yes! FM Manila. Simulcast to Love Radio and Yes! FM stations nationwide.
  • Rambulan sa Hapon with Diego Bandido, Shai Tisai, and Tatang Henyo (3 - 6 pm)
  • Frienduh with Raqi Terra and Lyka Barista (6 - 9 pm)
  • TLC: True Love Conversations/Wild Confessions/The Letter with Papa Jack (Monday - Thursday 9pm - 3am)
  • Gabi na, Gising na! with Papa Jack and Chico Loco (Fridays, 9 pm - 3 am onwards) - Simulcast to Love Radio and Yes! FM stations nationwide.

Weekend Programming[3][edit]


Automated Playlist (DJ Rest Day)


Air Time Program Jocks
12 mn - 4 am The Love Sweep All Music
4 - 6 am Sunday Golden Morning All Music
6 - 9 am Sunday Golden Morning Chris Tsuper
9 - 11 am Juke Box Hits Nicole Hyala
11 am - 1 pm Sunday Showdown Kristine Dera
1 - 3 pm Sunday Afternoon Special Diego Bandido
3 - 5 pm Afternoon Showdown Shai Tisai
5 - 7 pm Evening Love Drive Raqi Terra
7 - 9 pm Evening Love Drive Lyka Barista
9 pm - 12 mn Evening Love Drive Papa Jack

Theme songs[edit]

  • Love Radio: Ang Sarap Mong Number 1 (2012-present)

Strengths and criticisms[edit]

From strictly slow songs, the strong point of all Love Radio shows today has been its plain and simple grassroots entertainment. The jocks are criticized by mostly educated listeners of higher income groups for their cheap jokes, senseless banter, and even its absurd and green jock names.

A plus factor is the signal quality. DZMB's signal involves a quadraphonic (4 channel) stereo sound that is heavy on the bass side of music, giving it an overwhelming presence. It's a sure come-on even for radios of relatively weak quality, ensuring its popularity.

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