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A Latin capital letter D with a stroke through its vertical bar (Đ) is the uppercase form of several different letters:

  • D with stroke (Đ, đ), used in Vietnamese, some South Slavic (e.g. Croatian, Serbian), Moro and Sami languages
  • Eth (Ð, ð), used in Icelandic, Faroese, and Old English. Roughly equivalent to the Tau Gallicum used in Gaulish
  • Retroflex D (Ɖ, ɖ), representing a voiced retroflex plosive sound
  • D–E ligature, which appears in old Spanish inscriptions; a similar symbol representing the word de, "of"; the character is not represented in Unicode

Other uses:


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Letter D with diacritics
Ďď Ḋḋ Ḑḑ Ḍḍ Ḓḓ Ḏḏ Đđ Ɖɖ Ɗɗ Ƌƌ ȡ