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The DA! collective was an art collective who squatted a townhouse at in Mayfair, Westminster, Greater London in October 2008.[1] The property, at 18 Upper Grosvenor Street, is a 30-room grade II-listed 1730s mansion worth an estimated £6.25 million owned by the billionaire Duke of Westminster, Britain's wealthiest private landlord.[2][3] The collective changed the locks on the property.[1]

In a statement delivered from the balcony (bedecked with a blacked-out tattered Union Jack), Stephanie Smith (in a mask and a ragged miniskirt[2]) declared:

Who we are is not important. As a collective we have 'squatted' an empty, dilapidated building in Mayfair ... We are making this place live through the exchange of knowledge and ideas.[4]

The Da! collective is made up of a dozen teenagers, students, and artists.[5] They have been acclaimed as winners of "the National Squattery" by The Sun.[6] The collective claim a squatters' portfolio worth over £100 million.[7]

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