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Dayeh University
Engineering college j walk.jpg
Motto 手腦並用、敬業樂群[1]
Motto in English Using the hands and mind together; dedicated and gregarious
Established 1990
Type Private university
President Prof. Dong-Sing Wuu
Provost Dr. Meiling Chen
Academic staff 583
Admin. staff 223
Students 11,211 (2013, Oct.)
Undergraduates 9,202
Postgraduates 2,009
Location Dacun, Changhua County, Taiwan
Campus Dacun

Dayeh University (DYU; Chinese: 大葉大學; pinyin: Dàyè Dàxué) is a private university in Dacun Township, Changhua County, Taiwan. It was established in 1990 as Dayeh Institute of Technology by Song Gen Yeh who wanted to establish the first German-style polytechnic in Taiwan.

In August 1997, Dayeh's status as a university was approved by the Ministry of Education and it was renamed Dayeh University.[2]

In 2007, Dayeh University won the National Solar Model Car Race. This event was organized by the Ministry of Education and attracted 41 teams from 21 local universities and colleges.[3]

This university is the home to over 11,211 students, who study in 6 different disciplines offered by the six different colleges from the university. These colleges are:

  • College of Engineering,
  • College of Design and Arts,
  • College of Management,
  • College of Foreign Languages and
  • College of Biotechnology and Bio-resources.
  • College of Tourism and Hospitality.

Furthermore, College of Nursing and Health Science will be fully established in 2014. DYU has been awarded with Teaching Excellence Project from Taiwan Ministry of Education in the last few years indicating overall high teaching quality, excellent management and the great potential of DYU.

Although the university focuses heavily on academics, being one of the prestigious private universities in Taiwan, Dayeh university also focuses on sporting activities. Dayeh has been the host to many important sporting events which includes: 29th University and College Games, the 1st University and College College Club Expo, University President Conference, Hundred Industry Partnership-Strategy Alliances Fair, Ceremony for Industry-Academic Partnership Establishment, just to name a few.
In addition, DYU has also been awarded with Teaching Excellence Project from Ministry of Education in consecutive years, which indicates the high teaching standard overall,
excellent management and the great potential of DYU.

DYU performs well in academic research perspective in recent years. According to the statistics of frequency on ESI papers in Taiwan, papers from the College of Engineering are
quoted as many times as top 1% of the world. WOS statistics on papers also indicate the great research potential in the areas of Mechanics, Agriculture, Materials, Biology and
Immunology at DYU. The ranking of DYU has been improved to one of the world top 6% universities according to Webometrics from Span in January 2011. Students at DYU also
exhibit excellent performance in award receiving from major international competitions including winners of German RedDot Design Competition, Nurnberg International
Exhibition of Inventions in Germany, Moscow Achimedes International Exhibition of Inventions in Russia, International Exhibition of Inventions in Italy, International Competition
of Micro Institutions in Japan, and Seoul Female Film Festival in Korea. The research and professional expertise at DYU have, therefore, been well recognized worldwide through
these excellent performances.

In addition to providing reinforced fundamental instructions on general education and professional sciences, DYU cultivates its students with four distinctive features of being
willing to learn, to do, to give and to take responsibility through learning from apprenticeship, DYU 4 Willing Colleges, club activities and service-learning courses. In addition,
to reinforce students’ professional competence and competitiveness in job search, DYU specially set up dural-instructor courses that combine professionals in the field and DYU
instructors to provide the best knowledge and hands-on experience to the students. DYU actively promotes several other activities, such as Full-Time Practicum for students,
acquisition of professional certifications by students, Industry Partnership-Strategy Alliance Campaign and Industry-Academic Partnership Campaign, to enable its students to
realize its educational initiatives of theory and practicality and learning from doing. DYU strives to provide its students with diversity training and potential career opportunities
and to reach the target of “industry partnership university” and to accomplish the educational concept of “it’s easy to get a job after completing study at DYU”.

Recently Taipei Invention competition, Students from various departments contributed to represent Dayeh University at this competition. Students and Professors represented the university in the Booth as shown below:

BSc. Biotechnology Students, BSc. Electrical Engineering Students, Environmental Engineering Students of H801, Professor Lee: Mr. Hung (PhD candidate), Mr. Liao (Phd candidate), Mr. Elon Cadogan (PhD candidate), Mr. Huang (MSc.), Mr. Yang MSc., Founder of DaYeh University, Vice President of DaYeh University. Dean, Office of Research & Development Distinguished Professor Chen. Assistant to the Dean

College of Engineering[edit]

Table of Achievements

Year Achievement
  • Department of Materiasl Science and Engineering founded
  • Four-Year technological program of Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering initiated
  • Construction of the extension of Engineering College Building started
  • Prof. Cho-Chung Liang succeeded as Dean Departments of Bioindustry Technology, Molecular Biotechnology,

and Bioresources spinned off and constituted the College of Biotechnology and Bioresources

  • Department of Molecular Biotechnology created
  • Executives Master program in Computer Science and Information Engineering initiated
  • Doctoral program in Mechanical and Automation Engineering initiated
  • Master program of Agricultural Technology renamed Master program of Molecular Biotechnology
  • Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Automation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering

integrated and renamed as Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

  • Department of Food Engineering renamed Department of Bioindustry Engineering
  • Master program of Agricultural Technology initiated
  • Executives Master programs in Environmental Engineering and Communication Engineering initiated
  • Doctoral program in Electrical Engineering initiated
  • Executives Master program in Mechnical Engineering initiated
  • Doctoral program in Food Engineering initiated
  • Department of Telecommunication and Computer Engineering renamed Department of Telecommuncation Engineering
  • Master programs in Computer Science and Information Engineering and Vehicle Engineering initiated
  • Executives Master programs in Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Vehicle Engineering initiated
  • Master program in Automation Engineering initiated
  • Executives Master program in Food Engineering initiated
  • Prof. Dau-Chyrh Chang as Dean, College of Engineering
  • Department of Telecommunication and Computer Engineering created (Two-year Technological Division)
  • All departments moved in the building of Engineering College

| 2012 ||

World Bank Notes Collection Display Professor Ming-Kou Chuang collects nearly all of Bank Notes (paper money) from all around the world, his collections are now displayed to the public in Taipei for 4 months.

Recently, Chunghwa (where Da-Yeh is located) Government is planning to organize and build a “Bank Notes Museum” with professor Chuang.


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