Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko

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Komiks Presents:
Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko
Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko title card
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Action, Horror, Comedy
Created by Francisco V. Coching
Starring Matt Evans
Melissa Ricks
(see cast)
Opening theme Bitiw by Sponge Cola
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 33
Running time 75 minutes
Original channel ABS-CBN
Original release September 9, 2006 (2006-09-09) – April 28, 2007 (2007-04-28)
Followed by Pedro Penduko at ang mga Engkantao
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Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko (lit. The Adventures of Pedro Penduko) is the third and fourth season of the Filipino fantasy TV series Komiks. The third season began airing in the Philippines on September 9, 2006 and ended on April 28, 2007 on the ABS-CBN network in the Philippines.

Unlike the stories in the first two seasons of Komiks, which were mostly presented in a single episode or at most in two episodes, Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko will span the entire third season of the series.

The title role is performed by Matt Evans, who prior to this role was best known as one of the teen housemates in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition.

The Komiks TV series version[edit]

In Komiks: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko, the ABS-CBN network re-introduces the well-loved stories of Pedro, with Matt Evans of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition fame in the title role. Also in the stellar cast are Albert Martinez, Agot Isidro, Melissa Ricks, Bembol Roco, TJ Trinidad, comedienne Kitkat, Deejay Durano, Olyn Membian and Ms. Gloria Romero. The small screen story stays true to the original, but is given a new and more sophisticated look.


The Missing Father[edit]

Pedro remains a simple boy thrust into the world of superstition and mythical creatures. The oft-taunted klutz of his class embarks on a special voyage accompanied by his special ‘helpers’, and finds his self-confidence increasing as he passes each challenge in his quest to save his father. In order to this, he has to have the power of the "mutya ng saging" and has now entered Floreshka to save his father. But as Pedro Penduko sets off on his mission, his introduction to the monsters begins when he faces off with Philippine mythology’s scariest creatures. The conflict arises when Hiyas, who is in love and has a secret relationship with the mortal Pedro, finds out that her father, Haring Haddi of Floreshka, entered into a peace treaty which states that there will only be peace and unity between the Floreshklans and Dalaketnons if Hiyas marries Napoleon. Hiyas refuses to push through with the treaty as she is very much in love with Pedro. She also hates Napoleon because of his attitude, although the latter promises to change for the better if only Hiyas would fall in love with him.

Pedro's Underwater Adventure[edit]

Pedro's newest adventure begins as Bukang Liwayway gets catapulted underwater by a large wave, at the most opportune moment for Pedro to know that she is his mother. That marks a new journey for our lovable hero, as he is determined to rescue Bukang Liwayway in the underwater world of Kalalawdan. As Pedro and his father Juan search for answers, they encounter some interesting twists along the way. It turns out that their dear friend Kadyo, whom they perceived to be dead, is actually alive, and is living with his family in Kalalawdan. Also, Pedro discovers the person behind all his trials, as wedding bells herald the future of Hiyas and Napoleon back in the Kingdom of Floreshka. When Pedro and Juan arrived at the underwater kingdom of Kalalawdan, they faced the different kind of underwater engkantos, which was led by Haring Bacul, the king of Kalalwdan, and Budlis, a Kataw soldier. Princess Kafra, though she knew that Pedro was an enemy, still fell in love with him. She wanted Pedro to be a Kataw like one of them, but Pedro insisted. Kafra could not do anything but let her heart be broken. She and her family then helped the Penduko family escape from Pantas and King Bacul. When Pedro was leaving, Kafra kissed him, and Hiyas saw it through his father's mirror. This happening made Hiyas agree to get married with Napoleon.

Fight For Love[edit]

Just right when they came back from Kalalawdan, Pantas takes on a revenge on the Penduko family. Pantas stabs Juan, who later died. In return, Pedro made Pantas swallow the last stone of his mutya, that made him explode to death. Pedro, then decided to go to Floreshka to see Hiyas agrees to get married with Napoleon in order to save her life and her soul from the curse of the black mutya. On the other hand, Haddi and Kasimiro plans on taking Hiyas and Napoleon to Tarusay, where they can be alone and learn to love each other. Not knowing by anyone, Kasimiro and Isidra are planning something on the day of Hiyas and Napoleon's wedding. Pedro, however, tries to stop the wedding by going to Tarusay. Haddi, therefore decided to make the wedding earlier and asked both the Floreshkan and Dalaketnon armies to capture Pedro and put him in jail, so the wedding will not be resumed. Maalindog and Marikit heard the conversation of Kasimiro and Isidra, but they got caught. Maalindog turned into a sunflower by Isidra, while Marikit escaped and helped Pedro get out of the jail and tells Haddi about Kasimiro and Isidra's plan on capturing Floreshka. In the beginning of the wedding, Kasimiro decided to leave and let Isidra takes care of the wedding. In the middle of the ceremony, Isidra was about to attack Hiyas, but Haddi got in the way protecting her daughter, leading to his death. The Floreshkans fought back to the Dalaketnons, and turned into a war. A revelation was later revealed when Juan (who died earlier in the story) returns, but not as a human, as a Floreshkan. Pedro was shocked when he saw his father, but Bukang Liwayway explained that she and Haddi went into an agreement that Juan's body will be killed but his soul will be alive and be a Floreshkan. As the war goes on, Isidra is killed by Napoleon using the punyal, Pedro and Hiyas goes back to Tulay-buhangin and there they faced the different creatures that Pedro once fought. Suddenly, Kasimiro appears and attacks Pedro and Hiyas, but Bukang Liwayway, Juan and Napoleon comes in. Also they got attack by Kasimiro. Pedro then stabs Kasimiro using the punyal, that Napoleon used to kill Isidra, and dies. In the end, the Dalaketnons lost, Napoleon went to the Floreshkans, and Bukang Liwayway became the queen of Floreshka. Being the queen, Bukang Liwayway abonished the rule that an encantada/encantado cannot fall in love with a human. In his return, Pedro graduated high school and decides to live as a normal person. Hiyas, on the other hand, asked Bukang Liwayway if she could be a human and live with Pedro in Manila, where he would study college. But at the end Pedro hears an old man calling for him...

Cast and characters[edit]

Main characters[edit]

  • Matt Evans as Pedro Penduko - The main protagonist of the story. Pedro is a 17 year old orphan who is raised by his Lola Maria. He is famous with kids in his town for he is able weave magical tales about distant lands and creatures. But is also famous with the town bullies for they see him as a weak and easy target. But all that will change when he gets the news that his father is still alive and he has to rescue him from the hands of the Dalaketnons.
  • Melissa Ricks as Prinsesa Hiyas - Pedro's one true love. Hiyas is the Princess of Floreshka, who pretended to be a fairy to join Pedro in his adventures. She is beautiful, reserved, and royal in her actions.
  • Jake Cuenca as Napoleon - A Dalaketnon and brother of Kasimiro. He was also arranged marriage with Hiyas.
  • Gloria Romero as Lola Maria - Pedro's beloved grandmother. Maria raised Pedro when he lost his parents and has been always very protective of him.
  • Albert Martinez as Juan Penduko - Pedro's father. Juan was the town's very famous albularyo (healer), who suddenly disappeared and was presumed dead. It later turned out that Juan was trapped in the world of the Dalaketnons with Haring Haddi.
  • Agot Isidro as Bukang Liwayway - Pedro's mother. Bukang Liwayway is an engkantada (magical being) and she opted to stay in the kingdom of Floreshka instead of caring for her son. She was also the former queen of Floreshka.
  • Olyn Membian as Racquel - Pedro's childhood bestfriend. Racquel and Pedro grew up together. She is the daughter of another famed albularyo. She was secretly in love with him.
  • Kitkat as Maalindog - She is one of the fairies who will be assisting Pedro in his adventures. Maalindog's quite flirty and frank and she's not shy to say that she likes Pedro very, very much.
  • Niña Jose as Marikit - A Lambana and Hiyas' bestfriend. Marikit doesn't believe in Pedro's abilities and goes on the quest to keep an eye on him. She also became a queen of Floreshka when she switched places with Hiyas, so that Hiyas can go with keep an eye on Pedro.
  • DJ Durano as Haring Haddi - He is the fair and clever king of Floreshka. Haddi is the father of Hiyas. He was also trapped in the world of the Dalaketnons along with Juan Penduko.
  • Bembol Roco as Ninong Kadyo - As Juan's best friend, Kadyo took it upon himself to look after Lola Maria and Pedro. The young man treats his Ninong Kadyo almost like a real father.
  • TJ Trinidad as Pantas - He is the right hand of Haring Haddi and Merlin, the wise man of Floreshka.
  • Mico Palanca as Kasimiro - The leader of the Dalaketnons, who is desperate on capturing Floreshka.

Guest cast by episode[edit]

Episode 1: "Bungisngis"

  • Tsokoleit as Bungisngis - A mythical creature, who was beaten by Pedro, but it turns out that it was only a made-up story shared by Pedro towards the children of Barrio Tulay-Buhangin
  • Benjie Felipe as Mambubukid - The victim of the Bungisngis.
  • Charles Christianson as Chito - One of the bullies of Pedro, who always teases Pedro and beats him up.

Episode 3: "Kapre"

  • Bernard Palanca as Kapre - Played the role, Kapre, who was accidentally destroying Barrio Talisay.
  • Janus del Prado as Berting - eldest of four children who helped Pedro when he was in Barrio Talisay. He was also captured by the Kapre to become the Kapre's playmate.
  • Neri Naig as Neneng - Younger sister of Berting, second eldest of the four children.
  • Jiro Manio as Toy-toy - He is the second youngest of the four children.
  • KC Aboloc as Momay - She is the youngest of four children.

Episode 4: "Manananggal"

  • Angelika dela Cruz as Aurora / Manananggal - A woman who works at La Corazon Inn. At night, she transforms into a Manananggal who preys upon men who makes women suffer.
  • Kris Martinez - One of the workers in La Corazon Inn.
  • Sergio Garcia - Also one of the workers in La Corazon Inn.

Episode 5: "Aswang"

  • Rayver Cruz as Allan / Aswang II - The grandson of the Aswang in San Nicolas. He sacrificed himself and inherited the Aswang essence of his grandmother.
  • Boots Anson-Roa as Aswang I - An old woman who needs to pass on the Aswang essence to one of her family members in order to be able to die peacefully.
  • Ilonah Jean - One of the daughters of the Aswang and Allan's mother.
  • James Blanco - A tricycle driver who helps Pedro when he was still in San Nicolas.

Episode 6: "Mambabarang"

  • Michelle Madrigal as Susan Nieva - Pedro's only hope of finding his father since she was the only person who knows how to get to Dalaket. However, she fell ill to a mysterious disease, which was revealed to be caused by the Mambabarang. Unfortunately, She can't remember anything on how she was able to get safely out of Dalaket; she can only remember that Consehal Lino helped her to get out of Dalaket.
  • Ricardo Cepeda as Mr. Nieva - The father of Susan Nieva.
  • Bea Alonzo - The goddaughter of the Mambabarang; also wanted Susan Nieva to suffer from her sickness.
  • Lito Pimentel - The father of Bea Alonzo's character.
  • Glydel Mercado as Mambabarang - A woman who uses insects and spells to kill her victims; with the orders of her goddaughter, she targeted Susan Nieva as one of her victims.

Episode 7: "Sigben"

  • John Estrada as Consehal Lino / Sigben Owner - The Counselor of San Gabriel. The only person who knows the way in and out of Dalaket. He is also the person who takes good care of the Sigben and in return, the Sigben gives him good fortune.
  • Joyce Jimenez - The wife of Consehal Lino.
  • Quintin Alianza as Jun-Jun - Consehal Lino's son. He died due to a bite of his own father's Sigben.

Episode 8: "Dalaketnon"

  • Mico Palanca as Kasimiro - Ruler of Dalaket. He ordered to kidnap Juan in order to make him one of them.
  • Jake Cuenca as Napoleon - Brother of Kasimiro.

Episode 9: "Nuno Sa Punso"

Episode 10: "Tiyanak"

  • Juliana Palermo as Betty - She is the one to take care of the Tiyanaks because she think that the Tiyanak is her own son that died.
  • Denise Joaquin as Nurse - A nurse in the hospital where Betty works, she had become a victim of the Tiyanak.

Episode 11: "Tiktik"

  • Toni Gonzaga as Thelma - Gary's girlfriend and supposed to be one of the victims of Tiktik but was able to survive. She is pregnant with Garry's child.
  • Vhong Navarro as Gary - Pedro's cousin and Thelma's boyfriend.
  • Sid Lucero as Tiktik - Disguised as beggar in the streets, he lurks to find his next victim which was Thelma.

Episode 12: "Pugot"

  • Carlos Agassi as Gilbert - Thelma's older brother and a baseball coach in San Jose.
  • Dominic Ochoa as Pugot / Padre Jesus Pio de Asis - The Pugot haunting the town of San Jose due to the illegal things happening in the town.
  • Raphael Martinez - One of the baseball players.
  • Steven Fermo - Also one of the baseball players.
  • Pokwang as Principal Nendita - The principal in the elementary school in San Jose.

Episode 13: "Tikbalang"

  • Bobby Andrews as Tikbalang - A very playful half-human half-horse creature, he played with his victims until they become crazy. He was able to steal the head of the Pugot from Pedro but was tricked by Pedro to serve him because Pedro was able to steal one of the Tikbalang's Golden Hair, which would let the Tikbalang succumb to the wishes of his captor.
  • Joross Gamboa - Manong one of the victims of the Tikbalang.
  • Carlo Aquino - Also one of the victims of the Tikbalang.
  • Debraliz Borres as Nanang - Mother of the two Tikbalang victims.
  • Arron Villaflor - A mountain hiker, one of the victims of the Tikbalang.
  • Janelle Quintana as Elizabeth - Also a mountain hiker, one of the victims of the Tikbalang.

Episode 14: "Santelmo"

  • Rafael Rosell - An escaped prisoner who stole Pedro's baul, which he thought was carrying treasure, however, he became one the victims of the Santelmo and was burnt by it.
  • AJ Dee - Also an escaped prisoner who helped steal Pedro's baul and also becoming one of the victim of the Santelmo.
  • Eda Nolan as Mayumi - A Lambana who was with Marikit.

Episode 15: "Bangungot"

  • Wilson Go as Bangungot - A Bangungot who lived inside Pedro's house.
  • Fraz Yap - A caroler who was attacked by the Amalanhig.
  • Carl John Barrameda - A caroler, who witnessed the attack of the Amalanhig.

Episode 16: "Amalanhig"

  • Luz Fernandez as Amalanhig / Lola Sula / Ursula - The Amalanhig who was attacking the barrio of Tulay-Buhangin.
  • Tonton Gutierrez as Erning - A policeman who has a connection with the Amalanhig. He is also the father of Chito, the one who was bullying Pedro.
  • Rio Locsin as Virgie - Erning's wife.

Episode 17: "Agta"

  • Gerhard Acao as Agta - A mythical creature very similar to a Kapre, who courts pretty women in San Luis. The Agta's weakness was burning their private part.
  • Makisig Morales as Budong / Super Inggo - The kid superhero gets helps from Pedro to save his mother from the clutches of the Agta.
  • Angelu de Leon as Pacita - The mother of Budong, who was captured by the Agta.
  • Joseph Bitangcol as Father - A priest in San Luis.
  • Cassandra Ponti as Asther - A woman who was taken by the Agta.
  • Rico Barrera as Norman - Asther's boyfriend.
  • Matutina as Aling Pilisa - The mother of Asther.

Episode 18: "Alan"

  • Frank Garcia as Alan - The mythical creature, who eats people in Kulalapnit. It has specialized feet that confuses people who are tracking them.
  • Gardo Versoza as Kapitan Carling Ambing - Baranggay captain of Kulalapnit and has eight children.
  • Maja Salvador as Merrydith Ambing - Daughter of Carling and a strong woman who went with Pedro to defeat the Alan.
  • J.E. Sison as Edwud Ambing - Son of Carling Ambing
  • Alwyn Uytingco as William Ambing - Also a son of Carling Ambing.
  • Angel Sy - Also one of the daughters of Carling Ambing.
  • John Manalo - One of the victims of Alan and son of Carling Ambing
  • Igiboy Flores - Also one of the victims of Alan and also son of Carling Ambing.

Episode 19: "Wak-Wak"

  • Ryan Eigenmann as Wak-Wak - A mythical creature similar to an Aswang with specialized wings, who eats people's hearts. When the sound made by a Wakwak is loud, it is still far away from you, but once the sound becomes faints, the Wakwak is near.
  • Nikki Gil as Joseline - She is in love with Elias.
  • Geoff Eigenman as Elias - A special person and in love with Joseline.
  • Carmi Martin as Aling Violy - The mother of Joseline.
  • John Arcilla as Mang Tony - The father of Joseline.
  • Ronnie Lazaro as Lolo - The grandfather of Elias.

Episode 20: "Berberoka"

Episode 21: "Bal-Bal"

  • Carlo Maceda as Bal-Bal - A zombie-like creature, who preys upon the bodies of dead people. He also has the special ability of creating an illusion by switching the dead bodies that they would still with the trunks of banana trees.
  • Jodi Sta. Maria as Aida - A pharmacist who helped Pedro's Ninong Kadyo.
  • Carla Humphries as Cynthia - Ka Roy's sister.
  • Juan Rodrigo as Mang Kiko - The father of Ka Roy and Cynthia.

Episode 22: "Kataw"

  • Snooky Serna as Casili - A kataw who fell in love with Kadyo.
  • Iya Villania as Prinsesa Kafra - A daughter of Casili and Kadyo, she will also fall in love with Pedro.
  • Jordan Herrera as Budlis - A kataw, and a suitor of Prinsesa Kafra.
  • Karel Marquez as Ruwanna - A mermaid fortune teller and a good friend of Prinsesa Kafra.

Episode 23: "Siyokoy"

  • Christian Vasquez as Haring Bagul - King of Kalalawdan
  • Tuesday Vargas as Sahasa - The main healer of Kalalawdan, she is owned by the king, but she still keeps on helping other Kalalawdans. She will help Kadyo to be a Kataw.

Episode 24: "Minokawa"

  • Chin Chin Gutierrez as the voice of Minokawa - A giant prehistorical bird who helps Pedro and Juan to send them to the island in the kingdom of Kalalawdan.
  • Alex Crisano as Kapre 1 - A kapre who is searching for food. And he found the Minokawa's egg, but Pedro talked to him that the egg is important for the Minokawa.
  • Will Devaughn as Kapre 2 - Also one of the Kapres.

Episode 29: "Ikugan"

  • Luis Alandy as Nestor - A victim of Ikugan, who was saved by Pedro.

Episode 30: "Inlablabbuot"

  • Paw Diaz as Cecile - Wife of Nestor, and a victim of Inlablabbuot.
  • Marco Alcaraz as Ruben - Past boyfriend of Cecile.

Episode 31: "Saranggay"

Episode 32: "Anggitay"

  • Ethel Booba as Anggitay - The half horse half-woman who later brought Pedro to Tarusay.

The Mutya[edit]

The Mutya is the medallion/talisman that was given to Pedro to provide him special powers which he can use to on his way to search for his father and to find the cure for Pedro's grandmother. It has a total of eight stones; seven of which are representing the seven colors of the rainbow and a white stone as the center of the medallion/talisman. Pedro can only use each stone once so he needs to use them very wisely. The Mutya also excretes out oil which indicates that Pedro was approached or walked near by an enemy in disguise.

  • Yellow Stone - gives Pedro a good singing voice. Pedro used this stone to prove to his dad that he really is his son. Pedro would sing the song of his mother and father when he uses this stone. Pedro used this stone's power in order to trick the Tikbalang so that the head of the Pugot would be given back to Pedro.
  • Red Stone - gives Pedro extraordinary strength. Pedro used this stone to gain an advantage in his battle against the Manananggal. Pedro also used this to overcome the strength of the Tikbalang.
  • Orange Stone - gives Pedro invulnerability. Pedro used this to protect himself from the attacks of the Kapre. Pedro also used this to protect himself from the fiery Santelmo.
  • Green Stone - gives Pedro extraordinary speed, as well as, partial energy. Pedro was severely weakened by the witchcraft of the Mambabarang, that in order to cope with the loss, Hiyas allowed Pedro to use this, as a last resort, to gain temporary energy. Pedro also used this stone in order to chase the Tiktik, together with the Blue Stone.
  • Blue Stone - gives Pedro the power to jump higher than he could normally do. Pedro used this in order to even out the odds between him and the Kapre, since the Kapre had a height advantage. Pedro also used this stone to chase down the Tiktik, who was jumping from roof to roof.
  • Indigo Stone - gives Pedro heightened senses which can help him detect his enemies, especially those that prefer to be unseen under the naked eye. Pedro used this stone in order to detect the Sigben, which could render themselves invisible. Pedro also used this to sense the presence of the Pugot, who was turning invisible and teleports from place to place making it difficult to know where the Pugot would come from.
  • Violet Stone - gives Pedro extraordinary reflexes and agility. Pedro used this stone to compete against the swiftness of the Aswang. Pedro also used this to defeat the elusive Tiyanak.
  • White Stone - gives Pedro, as a very risky last resort and as the ultimate power of the Mutya, the power to kill any evil enemy by allowing them to swallow the stone. Pedro used this stone to in order to kill Pantas.

Production credits[edit]

  • Directors: Wenn V. Deramas, Trina N. Dayrit, Erick C. Salud, Dondon S. Santos, Jerome Chavez Pobocan
  • Headwriter: Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan
  • Episode Writers: Aloy Adlawan, Galo Ador, Keiko Aquino, Agnes Gagilonia-Uligan, Joel Mercado
  • Production Manager: Julie Ann Benitez
  • Production Designer: Chris Ecker De Guzman, PDGP
  • Executive in Charge of Production: Roldeo T. Endrinal
  • Executive Producers: Rocky Ubana and Kylie R. Manalo
  • Musical Score and Sound Design: Idonnah Villarico and Rommel Villarico


  • 2007 PMPC Star Awards for Television's Best Horror-Fantasy Program


As part of the Throwback sa Umaga block, the series was re-aired from October 13, 2014 to February 6, 2015 every weekday mornings at 10:00am.

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