Da Cor do Pecado

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Da Cor do Pecado
Genre Telenovela
Created by João Emanuel Carneiro
Starring Taís Araújo
Reynaldo Gianecchini
Giovanna Antonelli
Lima Duarte
Aracy Balabanian
Rosi Campos
Alinne Moraes
Maitê Proença
Ney Latorraca
Graziella Moretto
Matheus Nachtergaele
Tuca Andrada
Guilherme Weber
Leonardo Brício
Caio Blat
Cauã Reymond
Pedro Neschling
Karina Bacchi
Liliana Castro
Rocco Pitanga
Sidney Magal
Vanessa Gerbelli
Francisco Cuoco
Thiago Martins
Opening theme "Da Cor do Pecado"
Composer(s) Luciana Mello
Country of origin Brazil
Original language(s) Portuguese
No. of episodes 185
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel Rede Globo
Original run January 26, 2004 – August 28, 2004
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Da Cor do Pecado (Shades of Sin) is a Brazilian telenovela that was produced and aired by TV Globo in the traditional schedule of 19 hours between January 26 and August 28, 2004 with 185 chapters.


First phase[edit]

In the 1970s, a businessman Alfonso Lambertini had an affair with a maid of his mansion, Edilásia and she becomes pregnant. Alfonso is the husband of Silvia, a woman of fragile health whom he loves. However, Edilásia is pregnant with twin boys but hides it from Alfonso. Germana, the housekeeper and a close friend of Alfonso and Silvia, helps Edilásia to flee. Leaving a child with Alfonso and taking the other. Shortly after, Silvia dies, Alfonso is plunged into depression.

Thirty years later the son of Alfonso, Paco, is now a botanist that is very dedicated to his profession and who does not agree with even a little of what his father's actions, acts like deforestation and burning of trees for the sake of establishing his ventures. Paco does not know he has a twin and that his biological mother is Edilásia, he thinks he is the son of Silvia. On a trip to Maranhão, Paco meets Preta, a beautiful black girl from São Luís do Maranhão who sells herbs in a tent with her mother, Lita. Paco knows a circle dance Barrel Creole, in which Preta dance provocatively, looking at him, with her dress swirled and colorful, filled with frills and necklines. It's love at first sight and they exchange vows of eternal passion, but Preta is suspicious that a rich white man and the love of truth, because she is black and poor and know that a rich white man would use easy. However, Paco is engaged to Barbara, cunning woman of character completely off and that will do anything to the romance of the two ends and she is with the legacy of Alfonso, thus exiting the decline in financial living. Barbara is false, manipulative, cruel, dishonest and very biased, because he hates Preta and often refer to the Preta as "little blackie", accusing the always nasty, and selfish bitch, when in fact it is what this is all about. Preta will give a lot of beatings in Barbara.

Meanwhile, Apollo lives with his mother and his four half-brothers: Ulisses, Thor, Dionidio and Abelardo on the beach, with a simple life, but very affectionate. Edilásia called the children of a woman "Mamuska" is fun, but hard and sad to have left another son, Paco, in the hands of a powerful man as Alfonso. Her late husband, Napoleon Sardinha, was a great wrestler and is revered by the whole family, who also practices the sport. Apollo does not know the truth and thought to be the son of Napoleon, the second husband of Edilásia accepted that Apollo also create and register the newborn. The story also has other nuclei, such as Pai Helinho, a false father saint-Maranhão, a friend of Preta, winding people pretending to have visions and mergers, always with the help of his faithful partner, Cezinha. It has the amusing confusion of Vera and Edu, Barbara trambiqueiros parents who are divorced and who love to pose as great, but living in the greater hardness, sendos supported by Barbara. Both fully support the coup on Paco's daughter, only to help stop the decline in living. In the plot still has Moa, a passionate surfer the sport and who becomes romantically involved with Apollo, Ulisses, Thor, Dionisio and Abelardo, mistaking the lives of five. And there's the story of Kaíke, the lover of Barbara blinded by love and that will do the girl action, including traps to separate Paco and Preta. It is in one of those traps that Paco was disappointed with Preta: Kaíke and Barbara make it appear that Preta bought almost fifty thousand dollars on appliances and furniture for your home, using the cards crétido boyfriend, and even betrayed him with his ex, Barbara accomplice in some of their frames. At the same time, Paco learns that Barbara is pregnant by him - when in fact the child is Kaíke - and has a big fight with his father. Soon, Paco learns that Barbara is Kaíke lover, and becomes furious with her. The snake convinces Paco Alfonso will intern in a hospital for the insane. All this culminates in a helicopter tour with Paco and Barbara. At the same time, Apollo and Ulisses are traveling to Brazil with a sailboat. One night, the brothers host some strange-looking men. Ulisses discovers that they are carrying almost one hundred million dollars in gold stolen from the Group Lambertini. Upon learning that Ulisses discovered the lie, the men try to kill him, but Apollo stops and is "dead", falling into the sea along with all the gold. The men then fled. The next morning, Paco, mad with hatred of life, plays the helicopter where Barbara was the sea. The naughty escapes, but it gets stuck after it hit an iron in your head. Who saved from death is Ulisses, who was coincidentally in the same place. Ulisses, still mad with guilt over the death of his brother, Apollo believes that Paco is because the two are completely identical. Paco then prove that Ulisses is not Apollo, and the two are puzzled. Ulisses, however, does not dare tell his mother that her "favorite" son Paco died and suggests that it is in place. Seeing a unique opportunity to abandon life surrounded by deceit and brutality of those who live around them and can start a new life from scratch, Paco accepted. At the same time, in Maranhão, Preta has two stories: the first is that Paco, the love of his life, died. The second is that she is pregnant with Paco.

Second phase[edit]

Eight years pass. Paco is still in Maranhão with Ulisses, preparing to return home. Preta is the mother of Raí, naughty boy but a good heart, and wants to prove that the boy is the son of Paco. To do so, will the city of Rio de Janeiro, after Lita's death, his mother.

There is Barbara and her troubled son Octávio, mistreated by her mother. Barbara is married to Tony, an employee of Alfonso unscrupulous and calculating. They shall pitch everything so that Preta does not prove that Raí is the son of Paco.

Now, Paco - (pretending to be Apollo) - and Ulisses are back, and the lives of all - Paco, Preta, Barbara, Tony, Raí, Octávio, Alfonso, Germana, Edilásia and Kaíke - will change with the return and discovery for some of this twin brother, Apollo, who was not dead, only forgetful.


Actor Character
Taís Araújo Preta de Souza
Reynaldo Gianecchini Paco Lambertini / Apolo Sardinha
Giovanna Antonelli Bárbara Campos Sodré
Lima Duarte Alfonso Lambertini
Guilherme Weber Tony Peixoto de Almeida
Aracy Balabanian Germana Cordiolli
Rosi Campos Edilásia Sardinha "Mamuska"
Matheus Nachtergaele Pai Helinho
Maitê Proença Vera Campos Sodré
Ney Latorraca Eduardo Campos Sodré "Edu"
Tuca Andrada Kaíke
Alinne Moraes Moa Nascimento Mattar
Sérgio Malheiros Raí de Souza
Leonardo Brício Ulisses Sardinha
Graziella Moretto Beki
Felipe Latgé Octávio
Francisco Cuoco Pai Gaudêncio
Caio Blat Abelardo Sardinha
Cauã Reymond Thor Sardinha
Rocco Pitanga Felipe Garcia Freitas
Pedro Neschling Dionísio Sardinha
Karina Bacchi Tina
Maria Pompeu Dinah
Jonathan Haagensen Dodô
Natália Lage Roxane
Luciana Vendramini Gracielle
Vanessa Gerbelli Tancinha / Zuleide
Jorge Coutinho Ítalo Freitas
Solange Couto Lita Nazaré de Souza
Arlindo Lopes Cezinha
Samara Felippo Greta Bazaróv
Maria Rosa Laura Garcia Freitas
Marilu Bueno Stela Soares Dutra
Thiago Martins Sal
Giordanna Forte Kika
Mônica Torres Nívea Nogueira do Amaral
Liliana Castro Olívia Garcia

Supporting cast[edit]

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