Da Headbusaz – Dat's How It Happen to'M

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Dat's How It Happen To'M
Studio album by Three 6 Mafia & Fiend (Da Heabussaz)
Released October 15, 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre Southern hip hop

Dat's How It Happen To'M was a collaboration album with Three 6 Mafia and Fiend. They called themselves "Da Headbussaz." All of the songs primarily have DJ Paul, Juicy J, and Fiend. Crunchy Black is featured on a couple of tracks. Project Pat's voice can be heard as the hook to the song "U See We Poe" which is his only appearance on the CD. Project Pat was about to be released from jail when this album was released. Lord Infamous is the only one missing on this album. This album was released before Da Unbreakables Cd came out. There was only one single released from this album in "Get the Fuck Out My Face".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "It's Bought To Happen To'M" (Intro) — 0:33
  2. "Where They Hang" — 4:08
  3. "U See We Poe" (Featuring Project Pat & Crunchy Black) — 5:12
  4. "Head Bussaz" — 4:29
  5. "How To Get Rid Of A Dead Body" (Skit) — 1:19
  6. "Dat's How It Happen To'M" — 4:27
  7. "Powder Cake" (Featuring Frayser Boy & La Chat) — 4:26
  8. "Get The Fuck Out My Face" — 5:05
  9. "Smoke If U Got It" — 5:46
  10. "Hands On Ya" — 4:50
  11. "Ruffest Niggaz Out" — 4:00
  12. "Crap Table" (Skit) — 0:32
  13. "Crown Me" — 4:48
  14. "Gone Be Sum Shit" — 4:18
  15. "U See We Poe" (Screwed) — 6:02
  16. "Hypnotize Minds & Fiend Ent." (Outro) — 2:56

all songs produced by DJ Paul & Juicy J except track 10 produced by Fiend