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S-Bahn Dachau
Category 3 [1]
Type Separation station
Platforms in use 5
DS100 code MDA [2]
Station code 1099
Construction and location
Opened 14 November 1867[3]
Location Dachau
State Bavaria
Country Germany
Home page www.bahnhof.de
48°15′17″N 11°26′40″E / 48.25472°N 11.44444°E / 48.25472; 11.44444Coordinates: 48°15′17″N 11°26′40″E / 48.25472°N 11.44444°E / 48.25472; 11.44444
Route information
List of railway stations in Bavaria

Dachau station (German: Dachau Bahnhof) is a station in the Bavarian town of Dachau on the Munich S-Bahn network. It is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 3 station[1] and it has five platform tracks. It is served daily by about 190 trains operated by Deutsche Bahn, including 150 S-Bahn trains. Dachau station is on the Nuremberg–Munich high-speed railway and is the beginning of the Dachau–Altomünster railway.

Dachau Stadt (town) station is on the Dachau–Altomünster Railway.


Dachau station is located southeast of the town of Dachau. The station building is located to the west of the tracks and has the address of Bahnhofplatz 1. Frühlingstraße runs to the west of the station, while Langhammerstraße runs west from the Bahnhofplatz (station forecourt). To the east of the tracks is Obere Moosschwaigestraße where there is a park-and-ride area. Schleißheimer Straße passes under the tracks to the north of the station. Augustenfelder Straße runs through an underpass to the south of the station. There is a bus station in the station forecourt.[4]


Dachau station was opened on 14 November 1867 together with the Munich–Ingolstadt railway. The station had a turntable, a level junction and a goods shed equipped with a loading track. An entrance building and a watering point were also built. On 12 April 1870, the line from Munich to Ingolstadt was extended to Treuchtlingen as the Altmühl Railway. Additional tracks were built in the station area in 1884 and the station building was upgraded in 1887. The line from Munich to Ingolstadt and Treuchtlingen was duplicated in 1891 and the station building was again upgraded in 1895. On 8 July 1912, the Dachau branch from Dachau to Markt Indersdorf was opened; this is also known as the Ludwig-Thoma-Bahn, after the author Ludwig Thoma. This branch line was extended to Altomünster on 18 December 1913. At the same time the Dachau station was renamed in German from Bahnhof Dachau to Dachau Bahnhof (this word order in Bavaria indicates a main line station that serves the town but is not in it) because the Dachau branch had a new station in the town of Dachau. Electrification of the Munich-Dachau line was completed in 1939. The electrification of the remainder of the line to Ingolstadt was delayed by the outbreak of World War II and could not be completed until 1960. In 1972, Dachau station was rebuilt with two new platforms in preparation for the start of S-Bahn operations. Finally, on 28 May 1972, the Munich S-Bahn went into operation with the Petershausen–Dachau–Munich route being served by line S2. General freight operations ended in 1976 and the handling of all other freight was abandoned in 1980. In 1995, the Dachau–Altomünster railway was integrated as S-Bahn line A of the Munich S-Bahn network. However, the line was still not electrified, so diesel railcars are used. In 1998, the station and forecourt were significantly restructured.[3]

Conversion for the Nuremberg–Ingolstadt–Munich high-speed line[edit]

In the spring of 2000, construction began on the uprgraded line (Ausbaustrecke) between Ingolstadt and Munich as part of the Nuremberg–Ingolstadt–Munich high-speed line. The Petershausen–Munich line was upgraded for operations at 200 km/h and new tracks are laid for the S-Bahn. On 21 April 2003, the upgrade of the Petershausen–Dachau section was completed, including a third track for line S 2. On 11 December 2005, the upgrade of the Dachau–München-Obermenzing section was completed and the two additional tracks for the S-Bahn were opened, which made possible the operation of S-Bahn services between Munich and Dachau at 10-minute intervals. Dachau station was fundamentally redesigned and received new platforms and improved accessibility.


S-Bahn platforms
Track side of the station building

Dachau station has five platform tracks on three platforms, with platform tracks 1 and 3 and the bay platform 2 located on the same island platform. Track 1 is served by the S-Bahn towards Munich, track 2 by the S-Bahn to Altomünster and track 3 by the S-Bahn towards Petershausen. Track 4, which is a single-sided platform, is served by regional services towards Munich and in the peak hour by single S-Bahn services to Altomünster or Munich. Tracks 5 and 6, which have no platforms, are separated from platform 4 by a noise barrier and are used by non-stopping trains on the high-speed line. Track 7 is also located on a side platform and is served by regional trains towards Ingolstadt. Another noise barrier separates this side platform from Obere Moosschwaigestraße. The S-Bahn platform is roofed and has digital destination displays, while the two side platforms have no platform canopies or platform displays. The platforms are connected by a tunnel to the station building and are equipped with lifts, making them accessible for the disabled.[4] The station is located in the area of the Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Munich Transport and Tariff Association, MVV).

The signals and switches at the station are controlled by a Siemens class 60 (SP Dr S60) track plan push button interlocking.[5]

The entrance building houses a ticket office and a McDonald's restaurant.

Platform data[edit]

Platform lengths and heights are as follows:[6]

  • Track 1: length 360 m, height 96 cm
  • Track 3: length 240 m, height 96 cm
  • Track 4: length 250 m, height 96 cm
  • Track 7: length 360 m, height 96 cm


S-Bahn line A operated by class 628 to Altomünster

The station is served each every two hours by the Munich–Treuchtlingen–Nuremberg Regional-Express service and the Munich–Treuchtlingen Regionalbahn service, resulting in an hourly service between Munich and Treuchtlingen. These services are operated with double-deck push–pull trains propelled by class 111 locomotives. There are also single Regionalbahn services operated in the peak hour between Munich and Ingolstadt using Silberling carriages. Dachau station is served by Munich S-Bahn line S 2 (Petershausen–Erding), operated using electric multiple units of Class 423. Services on S-Bahn line A from Dachau to Altomünster begin here and are operated with class 628 diesel multiple units, because the line is not electrified.

train class
Route Frequency
RE MunichDachauIngolstadt – Eichstätt – TreuchtlingenNuremberg Every 2 hours
RB Munich – Dachau – Ingolstadt – Eichstätt – Treuchtlingen (– Nuremberg) Every 2 hours
RB Munich – Dachau – Ingolstadt Single services
A Altomünster – Kleinberghofen – Erdweg – Arnbach – Markt Indersdorf – Niederroth – Schwabhausen – Bachern – Dachau Stadt – Dachau Hourly
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
Preceding station   Munich S-Bahn   Following station
toward Petershausen
toward Erding

Every two hours the München-Nürnberg-Express passes through the station without stopping. In addition, all Intercity-Express trains on the Nuremberg–Ingolstadt–Munich high-speed line run through the station without stopping.

Bus links[edit]

The bus station at Dachau station has four platforms. It is served by MVV routes operated by Dachau city transport (719, 720, 722, 724 and 726) and district transport (291, 702–706, 710, 721, 723, 725, 736 and 791).[7]


It is planned to electrify the Dachau–Altomünster line (S-Bahn line A) and duplicate sections of it, so that services every 30 minutes would be possible. However, this project has been delayed several times.[8] It will not be completed for a few years.[9]


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