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Dada, or Dadaism, was a cultural movement.

Dada may also refer to:


  • Neo-Dada, a minor audio and visual art movement that has similarities in method or intent to earlier Dada artwork
  • Dance and Drama Awards, commonly abbreviated as DaDA, government funding for professional performing arts education in the United Kingdom
  • Dádá, the original Chinese title for Zhang Yuan's film Dada's Dance
  • Dada (Ultra Monster), an extraterrestrial creature from the Ultraman television series

Music and related[edit]



  • "Dada", Alice Cooper song
  • "Dada" (song), a 2011 single by Japanese rock band Radwimps
  • "Da Da Da", a 1981 song by the German band Trio


  • Dada (or Dada-ji, when intended with more respect), means elder brother in Bengali and means grandfather in Hindi. While 'dada' is used in everyday life by people to address grandfather or elder brother, it has also been popularly associated with:


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