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Dadda I founded the a kingdom at Po-lu-ka-cha-po (Bharigukacchapa or Bhrigukaccha, i.e., Baroach).[1]

Dadda II[edit]

Dadda II gave protection to one of the Harsha's vanquished adversaries.[2]

Dadda III[edit]

Dadda III, the Gurjara-Pratihara ruler of Bhrgukachha, was a devotee of Shiva, whereas his forefathers from Dadda I onwards worshiped the Sun. Dadda III is also known to have made a grant in honor of that luminary.[3] Although Dadda I, ruler of Nandol, was a friend of Maitrakas but Dadda III, who for unknown reasons became hostile to them, wrestled Baroach from Maitrakas.

Preceded by
Gupta Empire
Gurjaras of Nandipuri or Nadol [4]
650–750 AD
Succeeded by
Nagabhata I (750–780)


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