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Dads and Daughters was a USA-based lobbying group that worked to remove media stereotypes that negatively typecast fathers and girls. In 1999, Joe Kelly and Michael Kieschnick founded the group,[1] which ceased operations in 2008.

In 2004, Dads and Daughters successfully lobbied Verizon Communications to remove an advertisement depicting a computer-illiterate father being reproved by his precocious daughter and scolding wife. Concerning the advertisement, Kelly said, "It's reflective of some deeply entrenched cultural attitudes -- that fathers are second-class parents. . . . To operate from the assumption that dad is a dolt is harmful to fathers, harmful to children, and harmful to mothers."[2]

Dads and Daughters is also the name of a book by Joe Kelly. Some of the organization's materials can still be found at the website The Dad Man