Daegu Civic Stadium

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Daegu Civic Stadium
대구시민운동장 주경기장
DaeguCivil stadium2.JPG
Location Daegu, South Korea
Coordinates 35°52′53″N 128°35′18″E / 35.881318°N 128.588335°E / 35.881318; 128.588335Coordinates: 35°52′53″N 128°35′18″E / 35.881318°N 128.588335°E / 35.881318; 128.588335
Opened 20 June 1948
Renovated 8 September 2003
Operator Daegu City
Surface Grass, Tartan track
Capacity 19,467
Field size 111 × 72 m
(Running track: 400 m × 8 lanes)
POSCO Atoms (1987)
Daegu FC (2003–present)
Daegu Civic Stadium
Hangul 대구시민운동장
Hanja 大邱市民運動場
Revised Romanization Daegu Simin Undongjang
McCune–Reischauer Taegu Simin Undongjang

Daegu Civic Stadium (Hangul: 대구시민운동장) is a sports complex in Daegu, South Korea. Its main stadium is currently used mostly for football matches, but it is occasionally used to host large-scale karaoke events. During the 1986 Asian Games and 1988 Summer Olympics, it hosted some football matches. The stadium has a capacity of max 30,000 (19,467 seats) people and was opened on 20 June 1948. After stadium was expansion and reconstruction in 1975, and was renovated and repaired on 8 September 2003.


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