Dag Heward-Mills

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Dag Heward Mills
Dag Heward-Mills.jpg
Nationality Ghanaian
Alma mater University of Ghana
Occupation Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International
Religion Christian

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is a renowned evangelist and author with a ministerial career spanning over 25 years. He is the founding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International denomination[1] which was founded[2] in 1987 and has become one of the most prominent and fastest-growing churches to have been born out of West Africa.[citation needed] With a clear church planting[3] anointing, Dag Heward-Mills has planted over 1500 branches worldwide.[4][5] He is reputed to be a worldwide ministry leader,[5] prolific author,[6] sought after Christian speaker and influential Christian leader of our time.

Early life and history[edit]

Dag Heward-Mills attended Achimota School where he had his O and A level, after which he qualified into the University of Ghana Medical School. He has been a preacher since he was a teenager.[7]

Lighthouse Chapel International[edit]

Heward-Mills founded the Lighthouse Chapel International church in 1987. The church now has over 1500 branches in 68 countries.[8]

Prolific author and conference speaker[edit]

Heward-Mills has authored several books, including Loyalty and Disloyalty, the first of his books to be published in the United States.[8] His books are available in 27 languages.[9] He has also become a sought-after international speaker in conferences like the Church Growth International and the Pentecostal World Fellowship Conferences.[citation needed]

He also hosts his own annual Iron Sharpeneth Iron Work of Ministry conference for pastors and church leaders[10] in Accra, Ghana. These conferences have grown over the years and currently attract thousands of ministry leaders from more than 40 countries. Additionally he founded a bible school - The Anagkazo Bible Schools, to train men and women of God[11] in the practical work of the ministry.

Healing Jesus Crusades[edit]

Healing Jesus Campaign, "Ganta Liberia", April 22, 2013

In 2003, Dag Heward-Mills started the Healing Jesus Campaigns (HJC), then known as crusades. This was a purely evangelistic arm of the ministry and the first HJC was held in Accra in September 2003, with approximately 2000 people in attendance.[citation needed] He has held 95 campaigns in more than 40 towns and villages; in many places where the HJC has taken place, the local people had never seen an event of that size.[citation needed] He has become one of the most well known evangelists of our time.[12] The early campaigns were focused in Ghana but the campaigns soon moved throughout the entire West African region (to countries like Mali, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Niger, etc.) and made an impact in some traditional Islamic strongholds.[citation needed]


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