Dagbladet Børsen

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Dagbladet Børsen
Børsen logo.png
Type Daily newspaper
Format Compact
Owner(s) Bonnier
Publisher Dagbladet Børsen A/S
Editor Anders Krab-Johansen
Founded 1896
Political alignment Liberal
Language Danish
Headquarters Copenhagen, Denmark
Official website borsen.dk

Børsen (full name: Dagbladet Børsen) is a Danish daily newspaper specialising in business news. The net circulation per issue is 57,144 copies.[1] In 2005, its coverage reached 236,000 people with a total coverage of 570,000 people when its website and accompanying magazines were included.[2]


Since 1 March 1993, the newspaper has stood out by its use of salmon-pink paper, an intentional reference to the British Financial Times. As of 2011, the newspaper was redesigned, incorporating salmon-pink further by also using the color across all platforms.[3] Magenta was also chosen as a signal color, PT Serif as the primary typeface, and the logo was replaced by a new, hand-drawn one made by the Danish designer Jan Andersen.[4]


Børsen was founded in 1896 by merchant and editor Theodor Hans Carsten Green.[5] In 1899, it was changed into a daily newspaper with a particular focus on business and stock exchange content. From then and until 1909, Børsen was also formally associated with Grosserer-Societetet (en: The Merchant Society).

In 1969, the company's share capital was expanded. The majority shareholder became the Swedish Bonnier Group. The publishing house changed its name to Forlaget Børsen Ltd. In 1970, the magazine was reorganized to almost exclusively feature business news, resulting in an improved net circulation.[5]


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