Dahan Creek

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Coordinates: 25°02′33″N 121°29′02″E / 25.0426°N 121.4840°E / 25.0426; 121.4840

Dahan Creek
ChengLin Bridge on the Dahan River.JPG
Origin Pintian Mountain
Mouth Tamsui River
Basin countries  Republic of China
Length 135 km
Source elevation 3100 m
Mouth elevation ?? m
Avg. discharge ?? m³/s
Basin area 1163 km²
Map showing location

Dahan Creek or Takekan Creek (Chinese: 大漢溪; pinyin: Dàhàn Xī) is a creek in Taiwan. It originates in Hsinchu County and then flows through Taoyuan City and New Taipei City for 135 km, before it joins Xindian Creek in Taipei to form the Tamshui River. It is dammed in Taoyuan City by the Shihmen Dam, which holds the Shihmen Reservoir. The Junghua Dam is 26 km upstream and designed to prevent silt from building up downstream in the Shihmen Reservoir.[1]

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