Dahlak Marine National Park

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Dahlak (Dahlac) Marine National Park is a national park in the Northern Red Sea Region of Eritrea. It includes part of the Dahlak archipelago and the surrounding waters.

The park is flourishing with its wildlife because it was abandoned during the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea. During the war, the fish there grew to great numbers because there were no people to catch them or swim near them. The park is well-protected now because the government saw a good tourist opportunity. Scuba diving is now allowed and is led by a group of trained scuba divers who were once freedom fighters. There are more than 350 different types of fish and people can see remains of a shipwreck.

Coordinates: 15°38′53″N 40°06′14″E / 15.648°N 40.104°E / 15.648; 40.104[1]


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