Dahomeyan legislative election, 1959

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Legislative elections were held in the French colony Dahomey (now Benin) on 2 May 1959. Although the Dahomeyan Democratic Union (UDD) received the most votes, they won the fewest seats. The Republican Party of Dahomey (PRD), which came second in terms of votes, won 37 of the 70 seats in the Legislative Assembly.[1] Following the election the PRD and UDD agreed to split the seats in one constituency, with the PRD losing nine seats and the UDD gaining nine seats.[2]


Party Votes % Seats
Dahomeyan Democratic Union 162,574 43.9 11
Republican Party of Dahomey 144,038 38.9 37
Rassemblement Démocratique du Dahomé 63,383 17.2 22
Total 366,995 100 70
Source: Nohlen et al.


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