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Genre Music
Starring Raffi Ahmad (2008-2013; 2013-present)
Ayu Dewi (2011-present)
Ayu Ting Ting (2011-2013; 2014-present)
Denny Wahyudi (2011-present)
Marcel Chandrawinata (2011-2012; 2013-present)
Muhammad Irfhan (2012-2013; 2014-present)
Tina Toonita (2013-present)
Nagita Slavina (2014-present)
Shania JKT48 (2014-present)
Elly Sugigi (2014-present)
Dede Sunandar (2014-present)
Bastian Steel (2014-present)
James Purba (2014-present)
Kartika Putri (2015-present)
Chika Jessica (2015-present)
Bisma Karisma (2015-present)
Thalia JKT48 (2015-present)
Country of origin Indonesia
No. of episodes 2.359 (till August 31, 2014)
Executive producer(s) Yul B. Andryono (2008)
John Fair Faune (2009)
Untung Pranoto (2009-2010)
Jahja Immanuel Riyanto (2011-present)
Saptono (2014-present)
Producer(s) John Fair Faune (2008)
Jahja Immanuel Riyanto (2009-2010)
Kristoforus Bagaskoro (2011)
Armen Egun Basauli (2011-present)
Endang Setyaningsih (2011-2014)
Abrar (2014-present)
Rachmad Welly (2014-present)
Original channel RCTI
MNC Entertainment
MNC Music
Original release March 24, 2008 – present

Dahsyat (stylized as dahSyat Gaspol) is an Indonesian television show, which is broadcast daily on Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI). The first episode of Dahsyat aired on 24 March 2008. Its subject matter is everything related to music, and each show is 2 hours long. It was initially presented by Olga Syahputra, Raffi Ahmad, and Luna Maya. On June 2010, Luna Maya was out of this show after a scandal, which involved Ariel from the band, Peterpan (now known as Noah) and Cut Tari.[1] On January 2011, Luna Maya was replaced by 5 different host, like Astrid Tiar, Franda, and Tiffany Orie[2] but since March 2011, the new host who replaced Luna Maya permanently is Jessica Iskandar.[3]

In June 2010, Luna Maya out of this event after scandal video nasty, involving Ariel and Cut Tari. In 2013, Raffi Ahmad main stumbling with drug cases that drag her name. But after Raffi Ahmad free, Raffi Ahmad returned to the presenter in Dahsyat music event, differently with Luna Maya, who was dismissed on mid-2010. Finally, Luna Maya had become a guest host in some episodes that intensity does not often used (2011-January 2012; Because February 2012, Luna Maya become guest presenter music event in other channels until May 2012). Before August 2012, Luna Maya back into the host remains together with 5 colleagues, like Raffi Ahmad, Olga Syahputra, Ayu Dewi, Denny Wahyudi, and Jessica Iskandar (which is now the former presenter). In September 2013, one of the host, Olga Syahputra, who had tripped over legal issues related reporting a physician, who suspected victims of harassment and defamation is doing in one comedy show at one of the TV stations private, and makes him invisible various events all TV stations private. But mid-September, suddenly amid the trials he suffered, Olga Syahputra sounds are experiencing a serious illness and requires him rest for a few weeks. Appearance was at various events already invisible again, not least in host. In fact, his brother, Bily Syahputra, who now appears to be one of the hosts and colleagues with Raffi Ahmad, Denny Wahyudi, Luna Maya, and Ayu Dewi. Whether he deliberately prepared to replace Olga Syahputra position on Dahsyat?. Dahsyat won Panasonic Awards for category "Best Music & Variety Show" for 5 years consercutive in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

In 2015, 2014 Dahsyatnya Awards won for category "Best Special Event" at 2015 Panasonic Gobel Awards.[4]

Dahsyat Presenter[edit]

Fixed Presenter[edit]

Host/presenter Year of Active
Raffi Ahmad 2008-2013
Denny Wahyudi 2011–present
Ayu Dewi 2011–present
Dede Sunandar 2014–present


Host/presenter Year of Active
Ayu Ting Ting 2011-2013
Nagita Slavina 2014–present
Shania JKT48 2014–present
Muhammad Irfhan 2012-2013
Elly Sugigi 2014–present (Dahsyatnya Rumpi)
Marcel Chandrawinata 2011-2012
2013–present (Dahsyatnya School)
Tina Toonita 2013–present
Bastian Steel 2014–present
James Purba 2014–present
Bisma Karisma 2015–present
Kartika Putri 2015-present
Chika Jessica 2015-present
Thalia JKT48 2015–present

Former Presenter[edit]

Host/presenter Year of Active
Darius Sinathriya 2008
Choky Sitohang 2008
Luna Maya 2008-2011
Olga Syahputra 2008-2013
Okky Lukman 2008-2009
Tika Panggabean 2008-2009
Acha Septriasa 2010
Astrid Tiar 2010
Boy William 2010-2011
Fanny Fabriana 2010-2011
Jono 2010-2012
Olla Ramlan 2010-2012
Sekar Hapsari 2010-2012
Tiffany Orie 2010-2011
Ade Namnung 2010-2012
Dude Herlino 2011
Ivan Gunawan 2011-2012
Kevin Julio 2011-2012
Jessica Iskandar 2011-2013
Gisella Anastasia 2012-2013
Melaney Ricardo 2012-2013
Afiqah 2012-2013
Baharuddin 2012-2013
Mikha Tambayong 2013
Zaskia Gotik 2013
Ajun Perwira 2013
Rina Nose 2013
Chand Kelvin 2013
Amel Carla 2013
Albert Bebestar 2013
Leo Consul 2013
Syahnaz Sadiqah 2013-2014
Bily Syahputra 2013-2014
Putri Una 2013-2014
Pica Priscilla 2013-2014
Daniel Mananta 2014
Cinta Laura 2014
Sapri 2014
Lolita Agustine 2014-2015
Mumuk Gomez 2014-2015

Dahsyat event "Interest"[edit]

Dahsyat event has become the most watched event. The pinnacle of success this event occurred in 2010. In 2012, Dahsyat rating continues increases when with the development of entertainment in the event. But by the end of 2012, ratings this event continues to decline either because audience is saturated at this event or so forth. In this 2013, Dahsyat keep trying to raise the rating see the number of spectators are increasingly reduced. There are several factors downs Dahsyat rating among 60% from the program is filled by a long advertisement make the audience feel bored and lazy, hosts are always replaced, always a guest star same, studio system is very unusual. It is makes Dahsyat deteriorated. Moreover, with the decline of Dahsyat, Dahsyat presenter is Raffi Ahmad tripping case drugs that make Dahsyat rating falls 5% coupled with cases of abuse of Islam in last March.

New in Dahsyat Gaspol[edit]

Starting on August 27, 2013, Dahsyat have launched impressions format becomes more modern, like the switch fabric studio can be watched by hundreds of people change Dahsyat icon and change yel yel Dahsyat from lalala yeyeye become Dahsyat Gaspol Enerzik.

New Dahsyat is now approximately 40% format impressions charged with the distribution of prizes and games.

New Dahsyat Controversy[edit]

The views from the audience television have revealed that Dahsyat follow or steal ideas from other TV, like change impressions original Dahsyat filled with music, now also filled with distribution of prizes (like Eat Bulaga! Indonesia in SCTV) makes dance events, such as Gaspol, which is described following Caesar Dance in the impressions Yuk Keep Smile in Trans TV.

Dahsyatnya Awards[edit]

Main article: Dahsyatnya Awards

Dahsyatnya Awards is an awards show prestigious appreciation for Indonesian musician. The show first held ion April 19, 2009, at Jakarta. The show have many category, including Outstanding Song, Outstanding Female Solo Singer, Outstanding Male Solo Singer, Outstanding Band, Outstanding Collaboration Duo/Group, Outstanding Stage Act, Outstanding Newcomer, Outstanding Video Clip, and many.

Special Guest Stars[edit]

Hillary Clinton
Christian Bautista
David Foster
Lee DeWyze
Thia Megia
Fernando Morientes
Andriy Shevchenko
Rafer Alston


Year Award Category Recipients Results
2010 2010 Panasonic Gobel Awards Best Music/Variety Show Dahsyat Won
2011 2011 Panasonic Gobel Awards Won
2012 2012 Panasonic Gobel Awards Won
2013 2013 Panasonic Gobel Awards Won
2014 2014 Panasonic Gobel Awards Won
2015 2015 Panasonic Gobel Awards Best Special Event 2014 Dahsyatnya Awards Won

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