Dohuk Governorate

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Duhok Governorate
دهوك / Dihok
Duhok Province
Location of Duhok Governorate
Districts and sub districts.
Districts and sub districts.
Coordinates: 37°3′N 43°9′E / 37.050°N 43.150°E / 37.050; 43.150Coordinates: 37°3′N 43°9′E / 37.050°N 43.150°E / 37.050; 43.150
Country Iraq
Capital Duhok
 • Total 6,553 km2 (2,530 sq mi)
Population (2013)[1][2]
 • Total 1,356,415

Duhok Governorate (Arabic: دهوك Dahūk‎, Kurdish: Dihok) (or Duhok Province) is one of the governorates of Iraq. It is located in the north of the country in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. Its capital is the city of Dohuk. It also includes the city of Zakho, which has at various times served as a checkpoint for the border with Turkey. Prior to 1976 it was part of Ninawa Governorate, which was called Mosul Governorate. Duhok Governorate is mainly inhabited by Kurds and Assyrians



Duhok is divided into seven Districts.


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